Commentator Teams Being Shaken Up

For those who were watching “205 Live”, you’ll note that Vic Joseph had a new broadcast partner:  Percy Watson.  He began working as a commentator on “NXT” at the end of 2016 and as of last week, he’ll also be working on “205 Live”.

Worth noting is the newfound ethnic diversity on every commentary team.  That is quite intentional as they now want diversity on their commentary teams.  They’re also interesting in having a woman as a color commentator so look for all of the commentary teams to be shaken up if they decide to in this direction on all of their shows.


Botch Take:  I’m certainly all for this.  Renee would be just KILLER in that position and since she’s doing little else, it’d make perfect sense.  Beth Phoenix was featured on MMC but she was pretty bad at it, honestly.  Maybe she can get better?