Monday Night Raw (4/16/18)

Raw Results

Jinder Mahal to Raw

Jeff Hardy defeats Mahal to become US Champion

Sasha vs Bayley ends in DQ when Riott Squad comes to Raw and attacks them both

AOP defeat Slater & Rhyno

Miz TV have Sami & KO, who have been signed to Raw.    Angle out to say no, but there’s an email from Steph, so they are on Raw.  Angle then tells Miz he’s on SD.  The Miztourage is staying on Raw!

Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt defeat Revival

The Bar confronted by Fashion Police backstage.

Ronda backstage talking to Angle and Nattie comes in.  She and Ronda hug, and it seems like Nattie might be face (maybe).

Ember Moon defeats Mickie James

Backstage segment with Miz, KO, Sami, Bo, and Axel – none on the same page.

Dolph Ziggler to the ring.  Titus Worldwide out to woo him.  Dolph said he’s not alone and Drew McIntyre attacks from behind.  Dana flees as they beat down Titus and Apollo.

Baron Corbin to Raw

Breezango defeats The Bar (yes, I’m serious)

Backstage Elias says he won’t play dinky Hartford that doesn’t matter.  Lashley doesn’t matter either.  Elias wanted to sing for Renee, but she shut him down.

Miztourage turn on Miz, leaving him in the ring with Strowman for the faces to win the 10 Man Tag Match




Can Kurt Angle ever win at Shoots N’ Ladders?

Did Mandy Rose kill Giant Gonzales with the candlestick in the den?

Was Braun Strowman born with an extra nostril?

Can Sheamus & Cesaro play “Chopsticks” on twin violas?

Will Titus Worldwide become the official tag team of Petco?

None of these questions will be answered on tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”?