Smackdown Live! (4/17/18)

SD Results:

AJ tried to get Nakamura to the ring, but Rusev and English come out.  Before Rusev can tap out, English attacks.  They beat on AJ until Bryan runs out to even the score.

Jeff Hardy defeats Shelton Benjamin

Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille are going to SD!

Harper defeats Jey Uso   When the beating was about to continue on both Usos, Naomi ran down to get in front of her husband, to protect him.

Samoa Joe defeats Sin Cara   Yes, Joe is now on SD!!!  Joe then on mic, said SD had it easy, but no longer.

Renee interviews Bryan about why help AJ?  Because Bry respects him and proud to fight side-by-side with him because he knows he will face him soon.  Cass shows up, cuts on Bry’s height and leaves.

Carmella in the ring talking smack about the SD Women’s Championship, Charlotte Flair, and a tribute video to Carmella.  Charlotte out talking Carmella down.  Iconics out talking Charlotte down.  Charlotte finally attacks Iconic and Becky out to help when Charlotte is in trouble.

Charlotte defeats Billie Kay via submission  Carmella attacks Charlotte from behind.  Iconics in to fight with Becky when Asuka’s music hits!  Carmella flees.  Asuka runs to the ring and helps take out the Iconics.

Good Brothers to SD!

The Bar to SD!

R-Truth to SD!

sAnity to SD!  (But Nikki Cross wasn’t pictured with them!)

Cien and Zelina to SD!

Bryan & AJ vs Rusev & English ends in DQ   Nakamura and Cass attack AJ and Bry, respectively.

On the stage Renee asks Nakamura about his reprehensible behavior.  Nakamura doesn’t speak English again.


QD – Keep refreshing to see who gets moved to SD!


Will Naomi wear the next generation of Lycra for her ring entrance this evening?

Can Byron Saxton ever figure out the words to “The Macarena”?

Should Daniel Bryan wear maroon for SummerSlam?

Does Charlotte Flair prefer tacos over enchiladas?

In the event of an emergency, can Miz’s ego be used as a flotation device on an airplane?

None of these questions will be answered on tonight’s edition of “Smackdown Live!”