A Hot Tag! – The Superstar Shakeup

Hey, kids, it’s the Botching One and our Queen of Wrestling, Kendra, and this Superstar Shakeup was very special for both of us.  I have the privilege of writing the “Monday Night Raw” blog each week and our beloved Queen regales us with the Smackdown Live! “Royal Flush” each week.  Needless to say, we were both heavily invested in how this might turn out and who would go where.  We have to write about whoever moves and, naturally, some bring us more pleasure to write about than others.  What follows is each Superstar who moved, along with our thoughts about how each one may be affected.  This oughta be good…


Jinder Mahal

Botch:  I don’t hate him as much as most seem to.  His episode of “WWE Ride A Long” went a long way to showing me the kind of person he actually is.  He’s passionate about what he does and he’s actively trying to get better.  His crimes are all on the booking end.  He was moved from jobber to champion at an unbelievable pace and nothing he could have done would have made it believable.  It’s like a 3-year-old trying to wear his dad’s shoes.  The shoes Jinder was filling were shoes he could have grown into over time but Vince rushed it completely and Jinder has paid the price.  The character is now damaged goods.  Still, he’s very much in a mid-card role now and I’m fine with it.  I also like Sunil Singh and when Samir gets back, it’s my firm hope that they turn on him and show us all how amazing they can be as a tag team.

Queen Kendra:  I really don’t appreciate Mahal the way Botch does.  Maybe I wouldn’t blame him as well as booking if he actually seemed to care on the screen.  He appears to be going through the motions, little else, and the last time I saw that was in ADR.  I’m thrilled I won’t have to write about Mahal on a weekly basis because PPVs are enough for me.

Kevin Owens

Botch:  I couldn’t be happier to get to write about him every week.  Kevin has everything.  He’s a great worker who can do anything in the ring and he’s also endlessly entertaining on the mic.  I’m really going to enjoy this and I think we all will as it’ll give him new people to play with.  I’m especially looking forward to him getting under Kurt’s skin.

Queen Kendra:  I will miss writing about KO each week but he’s had his run on SD and it’s time for him to return to Raw.  KO might not be THE top guy in the WWE, but he’s so dang close.  This man should have been in the WWE fifteen years ago so he could have entertained us all for so much longer but he will continue to entertain us on Raw until he’s moved to SD again, and he will be moved to SD again.

Sami Zayn

Botch:  Has anyone ever benefited more from a heel turn than Sami Zayn?  He’s been absolutely incredible.  This past week’s segment with him was just phenomenal and I enjoy every second of him.  Since Kevin and he are buddies in real life and they’ve known each other for so long, their chemistry is just undeniable and that makes Zayn even better.  This acquisition is especially good and I will love writing about the ways they’ll get on Kurt’s nerves every week. 

Queen Kendra:  The only other person who benefitted in such a way from a heel turn was Neville but we all know how that worked out!  Sami is so much stronger and more talented than Neville and having his bestie by his side has made them so much better than the sum of their parts.  Raw will be so much better for him this time around.  I have no clue what the plan for Sami is but I know it’s going to be stupendous!  Lastly, I will get Sami and KO back on SD at some point and then I’ll gloat at Botch!



Botch:  Nattie is a mainstay in the women’s division.  She made a lousy heel at first but got better as time went on.  I’m not sure what she’ll do on “Monday Night Raw” but she’s a great worker and will be fun to watch regardless.

Queen Kendra:  Nattie is THE veteran on the roster, and she proves that in everything she does, other than being a heel.  I think her smile alone reminded the fans of how good Nattie can be as a face.  Further, that she and Ronda being friends will help Ronda grow on Raw.  I think this is win-win for Nattie, Raw, and the fans.


Dolph Ziggler

Botch:  It’s a real shame this likely doesn’t mean more.  He should be a top star on whatever brand he’s on but he’s not and he likely won’t be either.  He’s doomed to be just some dude on the roster.  He is, however, making a lot of money to stay so good for him, I say.

Queen Kendra:  Money only means so much.  Dolph could have been a legend.  Instead, he will be little more than a footnote in WWE history and it drives me crazy.  I, sadly, see little to nothing changing for him in his move to Raw, which is more crap on top of all the crap he’s gone through previously.  It’s such a shame.


Drew McIntyre

Botch:  He’s another one that we’ll have to wait and see on.  When he was floundering on WWE tv, he left, got to the Indies, made a name there, and now he’s back.  They’ve paired him with Ziggler, it seems, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Queen Kendra:  I’ve never been a fan of Drew, and it will take a lot for me to not think of him as little more than a jobber.  Only time will tell, but I’m thrilled that Botch is the one writing about him, because I’m not at all interested at this point.


Ruby Riott

Botch: I know it burns our Queen to no end that she’s gone.  She is, of course, the face of the Riott Squad, and is all of their charisma and fun.  I’m thrilled to see what she’ll do on “Monday Night Raw”.

Queen Kendra:  Grrrrrr!  I’m heartbroken that I don’t get to write about Ruby going forward.  She was a bright light on the SD roster for me.  On the other hand, I can be less critical about those around her as I can watch her for enjoyment rather than picking apart her matches in the Flush.

Sarah Logan

Botch:  I’m completely unimpressed by her.  She’s paired with Ruby so maybe she’ll get better but so far, so very bad.

Queen Kendra:  This woman has a body that won’t quit, a really cute face, a great look that is so different from all the other women on the roster, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to make it in the WWE.  Only time will tell for her.


Liv Morgan

Botch:  She has significantly more spark and ability than Sarah does so she could be fun as time goes on.

Queen Kendra:  Liv is adorable, but it will take a while to see if her skills develop into something great, or she won’t  make it.  I honestly don’t know where she’s going at this point.


Tyler Breeze

Botch:  Yes, I get Prince Pretty!  One of my absolute favorites.  He’s just brimming with personality and fun.  He can also work his face off, as NXT proved.  He has it all but he’ll never see more than the mid-card.  Here’s hoping he can stay there.

Queen Kendra:  I hope his move to Raw will put him back in the ring and Fashion Files back on WWE TV.  I’ve never been a huge fan but his work with Fandango has been solid so I’m finally starting to like him.  Further, they won their first match on Raw so I’m hoping that is an indicator that they will actually go somewhere on Raw.



Botch:  Another one I really like.  I’m so glad he’s not overly-serious like the first version of Fandango was.  He’s a lot more fun now and it comes out in the ring.  He’s not as good as Breeze in the ring but he’s still awfully good.  Does the three-hour show get us “Fashion Files” on TV now?  Please?

Queen Kendra:  I’m with Botch, Fashion Files needs to be back on WWE tv and Botch better be kind to my local boy because I will take him down if he isn’t!


Baron Corbin

Botch:  Apparently, Vince is high on him again so we should be seeing more of him.  As of now, I’m nonplussed.  We’ll see what happens.

Queen Kendra:  Botch is nicer than I am.  I see almost nothing in this guy.  I don’t get it, and I’m thrilled he’s off SD.


Bobby Roode

Botch:  With that, “Raw” just became…GLORIOUS!  Hopefully, he’ll turn heel sooner than later as he’ll be more fun that way.  Still, I know I’ll enjoy him on “Raw”.  There’s no doubt in my mind.

Queen Kendra:  Argh!  I lost the GLORIOUS one, but while I won’t get to write about him, I hope his time on Raw brings him together with Trip, and turn him heel.  Roode is a better heel than face and this is the perfect time to change that up and really give him a push.


Zack Ryder

Botch:  He’s coming to “Monday Night Raw”.  Goody…

Queen Kendra:  Better Botch than me!


The Miz

Queen Kendra:  I’m giddy that Miz is coming back to SD.  I’ve been up and down about Miz since he first  started.  This was the guy my daughter watched, and laughed at, on Real World.  He was reality TV, not a pro wrestler, yet he is and he’s dang good at it.  Further, this feud has been ten years in the slow burn and a couple years of knowing it would never happen and then the miracle that it can and here we are!  I’m giddy that it’s finally happening and thrilled that I get to write about it for the next year or more – hopefully!

Botch:  This is the biggest loss for “Monday Night Raw”…easily.  I hate to lose him.  He was beyond fun to write about week after week.  He works incredibly well and cuts great promos.  He’s going to be great over there for one HUGE reason:  Daniel Bryan.  That feud is going to shake the entire business and I can’t wait for it.  I just wish I could write it.

Samoa Joe

Queen Kendra:  I LOVE Samoa Joe and I’ve loved him since I first saw him in TNA.  I was hoping to get Braun Strowman on SD but I think getting Joe was a smarter move.  Joe working with AJ, Bryan, and so many other great superstars will make SD into something bigger and better than it already was, and a big part of it will be Joe, the guy Hogan thought was too fat and dumpy to be anything decent.  Proof that Hogan is clueless!

Botch:  Dag!  Another loss.  I wanted that Samoa Joe/Roman Reigns feud but it’s not to be.  Oh well.  I’ll enjoy reading Queen’s take on it.



Queen Kendra:  Yay!  Botch stole Ruby so the least he can do is let me have Asuka!  Okay, not the least but I also lost Nattie!  I’ve thought that Asuka should be on SD where the roster isn’t as strong as on Raw.  We needed someone of her calibre to work with Charlotte against most of the rest of the roster.  This was a very smart move

Botch:  This is another one that really hurts to lose on “Monday Night Raw”.  To be honest, I’m not sure how they’ll handle her now that her undefeated streak is gone.  We’ll see if it de-fangs her in any way.  I will always love Asuka regardless and will miss writing about her.


Jeff Hardy

Queen Kendra:  I’ve never held Jeff Hardy in very high regard, but he is a superstar.  I don’t know what the plan for him might be, so I’ll have to wait and see, and I promise not to hate on him unless he really deserves it.  I think that’s the best I can give you after his match with Sting – if you can call it that.

Botch:  Brother Nero!  I knew you’d go!  Seriously, I’m not surprised by this.  I know there are those who were hoping for a full #HouseHardy but I never really thought we’d get it.  Now, we know we won’t.  Jeff is still a lot of fun in there and Vince has him in mind for a nice push.  Should be fun to watch.


The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus)

Queen Kendra:  The Bar needed a change of scenery, and different people to work with in the ring.  I’m excited to see what they’re going to do on the SD roster.  I truly hope that they face Rusev and English and get into the whole thing of Cesaro and English looking strangely similar.

Botch:  I will miss writing about them for sure.  Cesaro has pretty much justified Sheamus’ entire existence.  They’ve both been a lot of fun and it should be interesting to see what they get themselves into on “Smackdown Live!”


Zelina Vega

Queen Kendra:  I’ve loved her since she was part of LAX in TNA.  I loathed LAX as a faction but I loved her.  From everything I’ve seen and heard, Vega has grown by leaps and bounds so I’m thrilled that she’s on SD.  I’m beyond thrilled and I cannot wait to see what she can do in the ring with the rest of the SD Women’s Division.

Botch:  I care nothing for Andrade but I love Zelina.  I really want to see her get into it verbally with Paige at some point.  She can also work her face off so that’ll be fun too.  I hate that I can’t write about her anymore the way I relished doing in “NXT”.


Andrade Cien Almas

Queen Kendra:  I’m going to hold out on this one, because he’s so milquetoast.  I’m not impressed, at all, but I will give him a month or two before trashing him – if he deserves it and if I can hold out that long.  Sorry, I’m one opinionated Queen!

Botch:  Andrade can work too but he’ll need Zelina has he has the personality of a manilla envelope.  


Sonya Deville

Queen Kendra:  I have a gut feeling that Sonya will develop into something really solid, if not fantastic.  I cannot put my finger on what it is about her but I really like her and want to see her succeed.  SD could be the place for Sonya to get a chance to grow or she’s going to get help from Paige.  Or Paige is going to try to slaughter Sonya and Sonya will be the ultimate underdog.  I’m hoping for the latter.

Botch: She has a great upside and it’s mostly about her look.  It’s still early so let’s see what else she can bring to the table.  I’m glad Paige is there to help her and Mandy as they both still need it.


Mandy Rose

Queen Kendra:  I’m so not looking forward to listening to Corey drooling all over Mandy each week.  I find it demeaning and revolting for her as a woman.  She’s not a piece of meat and she might be greener than goose poo but she has a look, is starting to show personality, and her ring work is better than some of the other young women brought up from NXT too soon.

Botch: She has a great look and she’s developing personality too.  She’s also not horrible in the ring.  Still, I think she was moved up from NXT a bit too quickly. 



Queen Kendra:  Squee!  I’ve been waiting for this since Don’t Fire EY!  Now, he didn’t really pique my interest in Team Canada, but when he was working against Roode, EY really came into his own.  I wrote about EY for years while he was in TNA, and I feel very invested in his career.  I should have fought to interview him before he came to the WWE, but I didn’t and that’s on my head.  Also on my head is writing about EY each week, and that makes me happier than almost any other roster change.  Yes, I know sAnity is more than just EY, and I’m thrilled to get to know the rest as they develop in SD.  The only real problem I have is that it doesn’t seem as though Nikki Cross is coming up with them and I have a HUGE issue with that.  SD NEEDS Nikki Cross!  I need to write about Nikki Cross!

Botch: Oh, this is going to be fun.  I’d hoped to get them on “Monday Night Raw” but Kendra gets to write about them.  I’ve had fun writing them up on “NXT”.  Eric is such a star and I think he’ll be great.  It’ll be fun to see them feud with the Bludgeon Brothers at some point.  Better yet, I can still write about Nikki on “NXT”.


Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Queen Kendra:  If unleashed.  The problem is that WWE won’t seem to unleash them.  Fingers crossed that something happens with them on SD, but I’m not holding my breath.

Botch: They’ve done absolutely nothing on “Monday Night Raw” of any note.  Here’s hoping something actually happens with them on “Smackdown Live”.  They could both be a lot of fun if unleashed.


Big Cass (apparently now going by Colin Cassady again)

Queen Kendra:  It’s virtually impossible to come back from injury as a heel unless you’re willing to attack the most over wrestler on the roster and that’s exactly what he did.  I am holding out hope that he will be great because he has everything he needs and now it’s all up to him to prove himself.  I have to admit that I’m thrilled he’s going to be proving himself on my show, Smackdown!

Botch: I’m not sure what happens with him now.  He’s been gone for many moons so it’ll be interesting to see what he does going forward.  All I’ve seen indicates that they have big plans for him.  Let’s see if he can pull them off.



Queen Kendra:  I love R-Truth and I think his flavor of crazy comic relief will go over really well, if they keep his segment short.

P.S.: Botch, you can get bent.

Botch: Yes, he’s now on “Smackdown Live!”

P.S.:  Braun Strowman is staying on “Monday Night Raw”.  Life is good!..oh, and I don’t drink but thanks for the offer. 🙂