Smackdown Live Had It Easy!

What a wild episode of SmackDown! Twists, turns, and all sorts of interesting happenings. They have set up for so much fun heading forward, and the storylines will be great if they don’t screw them up going forward. So excited!


So Not A Soccer Mom

I just noticed that AJ’s hair is finally long enough that he looks like a crunchy girl, rather than a soccer mom. He really has lovely hair and the color is beautiful but his split ends are getting a bit much. AJ was so great on mic here and he has been for a while now.

Not only has Rusev been getting over with the fans, but English has too and I love it! I’ve wanted him to succeed since I first saw him. I wasn’t impressed with Gotch at all (other than his look) but English really caught my attention. I hope he doesn’t get lost when this Rusev Day thing comes to an end.


All About Paige!

I really want to love Paige in this role, and she looks fantastic with the few extra pounds on her, it suits her. The problem is that she’s just okay in this role right now. She has some solid growing to do but she grew up in this industry so she will figure it out.


Benjamin Hacked

Everyone I know was trashing Benjamin’s mic work but compared to what he used to give us, I thought this was leaps and bounds better. I love how he said his Twitter was hacked because he’d never say those things. I know that everyone in the DD compared him to others on mic but I compared him to the epic mess he was during his first run in the WWE when he thought he could just coast without actually putting in any of himself and we see where that got him. This segment shows me that he actually cares and wants to try this time around.


What’s With That Knee?

When Jeff Hardy faced Mahal on Raw, he didn’t have the tunnels in his ears and his lobes were about making me ill. It’s strange that I don’t have issue watching Jeff work the ring with his tunnels in, such as in this match. I don’t want to comment on these kids and their strange styles as Jeff isn’t a kid but something about gauged ears tweak me out for some reason. I’m not at all a conservative person but that’s something that just bothers me.

I have to wonder if Jeff hurt his knee Monday on Raw, because it is looking rather rough right now. I hope he’s not already injured.

After SD, a funny thing happened. I was watching a match between Jeff and Regal, summer of 2002. For some reason, I thought Jeff was fighting for Regal’s US Championship. Knowing that Jeff won it for the first time on Raw, I was sure Jeff was going to lose this match and I was annoyed that I knew how the match was going to end. Then it ended and Jeff had won the match and the strap. Turns out it was for the European Championship, not the US Championship! Guess I dozed off or misheard what Championship the match was for. I normally don’t mind spoilers, but that one really annoyed me.


How Times Have Changed

I’m loving the Bludgeon Brothers. They are a formidable team, though I think their war hammers need to have some minor pyro at times, so they can crash them together to make sparks. Stacy mentioned that during the match and it’s stuck in my head since.

Back in the Attitude Era, Naomi would have been flattened along with her husband but I’m glad she wasn’t. I’m all for the WWE being politically correct, especially since kids watch the show more often than not, but I also believe in sexual equality and not putting a woman through a table (I’ve seen a lot of that on WWE Network lately) because they’re women is total crap. I’m not going to get into that rant here but I will say that they really should use Naomi more in the Usos storylines. We all know who is married to who so why not use that in storylines. They did it with Miz and Maryse and look how great that got over!


It’s Not Catering

I was impressed with how Sin Cara did with Joe in the ring.  Then again, he is known to be a badass! I really enjoyed this match and wish we saw more of Sin Cara because he really is great in the ring. Well, this Sin Cara is; the original was a wuss.


SD Is The Place For Handouts

Joe was solid on mic in TNA but nothing compared to now that he has a script. I love what he said about SD being the place for handouts and that they had it easy. Joe’s gonna kill the entire SD roster! I’m still bummed that I didn’t get Strowman on SD but Joe is going to be a blast to write about.


Cass Is Tall

Bryan stating that he went out to help AJ out of respect was beautiful, even though part of it, wanting to face AJ for the strap at some point, could be thought of as a bit selfish.

I know Cass is tall and Bryan isn’t, but seeing them face to face is really shocking. It’s really hard to return from injury as a heel but cutting down Bryan, the most beloved underdog of the decade, was the perfect way for Cass to return and be heel. Brilliant writing there!


I Love Frankie!

Carmella calls the strap Cleopatra! I have a habit of naming inanimate objects but naming the strap is strange. I know some people loved this segment but I didn’t. I cannot put my finger on why, other than the whole mean girls issue. Between Carmella, Billie Kay, and Peyton Royce, it feels as though I’m back in high school, and not in a good way.

Charlotte looked amazing here! I love the red and gold on her, and the messy braid is a great look for her. Heck, I might try the messy braid this week.


Other Queen Kicks Butt

I’ve heard great things about Billie Kay and Peyton Royce in the ring but I’ve had troubles getting past their characters. That being said, I was pretty impressed by Billie Kay in the ring with Charlotte, and I’m excited to see what they can do on the SD roster.

I hope Becky gets a better push, and soon. She deserves better than she’s gotten and I’m hoping with more heels that she will get in some great matches and storylines. Also, we know Asuka will do well on the SD roster, and I love that she ran to the ring to help Charlotte and Becky but I worry that she will get lost in it all right now, even though she’s the best in the business.


Raw or SD?

I love R-Truth! He’s so great at what he does, and I hope we see more of him on SD – even if it’s just for comic relief.


Main Event Trashing

From what I saw of this match, it was exactly as you’d expect:  amazing. My internet completely went out during this match so I missed most of it but what I saw and what I was told was amazing. I really didn’t think this would end clean, but I thought someone like Strowman would appear. I should have realized he wasn’t coming after SD got Joe, but I kept my hopes up.

I love that Nakamura and Cass were the ones to attack AJ and Bryan in this match. I feel bad for Rusev and English, but I still have hopes for them. That being said, I’m giddy for where they are going with AJ, Nakamura, Bryan and Cass, though it makes me wonder what is going to happen between Miz and Bryan. Not that they need to rush into it after all these years, but this has been the longest slow build we’ve possibly ever seen! Then again I could see Miz, Cass and Nakamura banding together to be one amazing faction! I’m writing this with a smile on my face at just the thought of it.



Yes, I’m giving Nakamura top marks for not knowing how to speak English again. I absolutely love it and he sells it perfectly, especially since we all know his English is actually quite good.


Final Flush

This was a solid episode of SmackDown, and the things they’ve set up with the Superstar Shakeup have left me giddy for the storylines to come. Botch and I are in the process of writing an article about the transfers so I’ve not addressed most of them in the Flush but that article will be out sooner than later. Keep your eyes open for it!

Queen KB