Things Have Changed Around Here

Hey, kids, it’ the Botching One for another look into the “Illustrious Future”!  Let’s pull back the curtains, shall we?


In-ring segment – Johnny Gargano & Candice LaRae

The match between Gargano & Ciampa at “TakeOver” was, quite simply, the best match I’ve ever seen.  It’s not beatable unless someone dies.  On the mic, he’s very much got a Daniel Bryan-kinda thing going on and I really like it.  Both Candice and Johnny are a very sweet couple and insanely likable.  This was really good stuff here.  Johnny is very passionate and Candice, while being less so, is really cool too.  Fun segment!


Cinéma de INSANITY! – Killian Dane

This was nice and short but full of personality.  Killian is going to be blast on


Ricochet vs. Fabian Aichner

Ricochet is truly DAT DUDE!  Sorry but he is.  Not only can he work his face off.  He also sells really well and he did plenty of it here.  This was a competitive match and Aichner wasn’t fish food as I expected he’d be.  His finisher is just great and he works well.  I’m really glad they didn’t give him a jobber match.


Cinéma de after match

I love that he name-checked other superstars during his mic time.  He sounds impassioned and ready.  It was a little vanilla but this is his very first mic segment on the show and he’ll only get better.


Cinéma de Lars! – Lars Sullivan

Again, nice and short but completely effective.


War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe) vs. JC & Chris

So these gentlemen are clearly here to take the place of the Authors of Pain & Sanity.  We know by the way poor JC & Chris are dressed that they are the fishiest of food.  They got thrown around for a few minutes and then finished off.  Speaking of finishing, their Fallout finisher is devastating-looking!  I think they’re gonna be a lot of fun.  Because they’re new to NXT tv, they’re still just vanilla mean guys but that’ll change over time, I’m sure.


Cinéma de Locker Room – Shayna Baszler

I LOVED this!  She couldn’t care less and it’s great.  I love the way she burst into trainer, Serena’s, meeting with the other women.  She regulated and I absolutely LOVED it.


Lars Sullivan vs. Killian Dane

Ah, the behemoths!  This was more fun than it could have been.  Two really large guys in there generally makes for a rather boring match but these two knew how to do it.  Killian got his nose bloodied during the match, though I couldn’t tell when it happened.  It was bleeding pretty badly during the match too.  The chairs came in and things got ugly.  They really went at it here.  Lars dive into the chair that was Killian’s chest was a bit botch-y as he missed the chair hit he was selling.  A very good match with the right outcome, given that Sanity is going to “Smackdown Live” next week.

Of course, we already know that Sanity will be on “Smackdown Live!” (sans Nikki Cross)


Backstage segment – The Undisputed Era

They’re trying really hard to push Roderick.  It’s almost Roman-ian in scope.  How many things have they tried?  It’s hard to keep track.  Adam Cole is dripping in charisma so maybe some of it will rub off on strong.  He needs it very badly.


Candice LeRae vs. Zelina Vega

Nice to see Vega finally get in the ring.  We already know she can.  Of course, as neither Gargano or Almas came out with their respective partners, they had to reappear and they did.  I loved the twin finishers.  Very cool.  Of course, as Andrade and Zelina are on their way out, they had to “do business” as they say so they did.  Nice work from both!


In-ring segment – Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae

This one was far quicker.  This was for a challenge to Aleister for his title.  That match should be EPOCHAL!  Can’t wait!


Nice episode!  this is always the show where we get the great work and we got it here.  Can’t wait for more next week.  See you next week for another edition of “The Illustrious Future”!