Booker T to Replace Jonathan Coachman Next Week on “Monday Night Raw”

This is a one week thing only but it’s true.  I will now draw the narrative for you based on tweets and Booker’s words on his podcast.  First, we got this:

Then, “Chandler Thomas” asked about Jonathan leaving commentary and he got this in response:

Less than an hour later, someone filled him in and we then got this:

He then went further to explain his absence here:

So there it is.  Coachman will be missing for just this week only.


Botch Take:  Well, this is odd.  That he didn’t know anything about it initially should worry him.  It appears, based on the info we have, that there may be more going on here than we know.  I have been rather outspoken on my disdain for Coach, his lack of knowledge of the current product, his overall boring presentation, and the somewhat bizarre questions he asks during the show.  He actually makes me miss Booker.  In my perfect world, Renee Young replaces them both.