Impact Wrestling: Redemption PPV Results

– Aerostar def. Drago with a springboard code breaker

Scott Steiner & Eli Drake def. LAX (c) to win the Impact Tag Team titles. Santana gets a cll learning that Konnan got taken out by someone earlier. LAX was going for the Street Sweeper but instead, Santana decided to jump on Steiner outside the ring. Drake was able to deliver the Gravy Train to Ortiz in the ring for the win.

– Brian Cage def. DJZ, Ishimori, Dezmond Xavier, Trevor Lee, & El Hijo De Fantasma when he hit the Drill Claw on Xavier. While this was a match to make Cage look good, everyone got a chance to show off this match.

Tessa Blanchard comes out on commentary during the Taya vs. Kiera Hogan match. Sounds like she’s a Knockout now.

– Taya Valkyrie def. Kiera Hogan with the Road to Valhalla

Matt Sydal (c) def. Petey Williams to retain the X Division title when the reversed the Canadian Destroyer into a rollup. Josh Mathews was not at ringside. They played a video earlier in the night showing Josh setting Sydal free.

– oVe def. Eddie Edwards, Moose, & Tommy Dreamer when Sami Callihan pinned Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer was about to use a barbed wire bat to the face of Sami but Callihan low blowed Tommy and rolled him up. after the match, Eddie attacked Sami. First he raked the barbed wired bat across his eyes, busting him open.

Then he taped him to the ring ropes. Eddie kicked the defenseless Sami in the groin. Then he attacked him with a kendo stick. The ref tried to stop him and Eddie attacked him! Eddie is a changed man! reamer tried to stop him and gets shoved aside! Back to the attack on Callihan! Then he attacked the Crists! Alisha came out and grabbed him from behind to stop him and he accidentally hit her with the kendo stick as well! The doctors come down to tend to her while Sami is hung up on the ropes bloodied and unconscious.

– Allie (c) def. Su Yung to retain the Knockouts title. She hits the Superkick but Braxton Sutter distracted her on the apron. She ends up punching Sutter off the apron. Su picks Allie up for the panic switch but the champ is able to reverse it into a rollup for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Braxton sees Su Yung is upset so proposes to her. Seriously. She grabs his face… and mists him!

– Pentagon Jr. def. Austin Aries (c), & Fenix win the Impact World Title. He “broke” the arm of Aries and then delivered his Pentagon Driver to him to win the title.