Monday Night Raw (4/23/18)

Raw Results

Raw starts with a most beautiful tribute to Bruno Sammartino.

Heyman and BL to the ring.  Heyman is all chatty.  BL smiles and bounces.  Reigns out to get in BL’s face, but nothing comes of it.

Elias in the ring with his guitar.  Roode’s music cuts off Elias before he can start singing.

Elias defeats Roode

Matt & Bray defeat The Ascension

The Sami & Kevin Show with Kurt Angle as the guest, and he sets them up for some serious matches.

Dolph & Drew defeat Titus Worldwide

Backstage Axel and Bo want guidance, they want to be The New Shield, Rollins gives them a hard no.

Gable defeats Mahal

Balor says no to Bo & Axel

Strowman & Lashley defeated KO& Sami  (More like destroyed!)

No Way Jose to the ring with his conga line.  Baron out on stage, refused to go to the ring because some of the line will attack him from behind.  Jose up the ramp and attacked from behind by Baron.

Balor & Rollins defeat Axel & Dallas

Ronda causes DQ in 10 Woman Tag Match


QD – Please, tell me what you think of our quick results.


Can Tyler Breeze find the cure for acid reflux?

Will Booker T. finally retire his VHS Camcorder?

Should Braun Strowman end his feud with Elias over General Foods International Coffees?

Does Kevin Owens have an all-encompassing addiction to Moon Pies?

When Renee Young was a teenager, did she spend her entire 17th year wearing only a green wig, pink acid-washed jeans, and blouses made from gerbil fur?

None of these questions will be answered during tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”!