Progress of Lawsuit Against WWE & Titus O’Neil

Donald Anderson, cameraman for the former WWE series, “Swerved” has sued Titus O’Neil & WWE.  He brought suit against both entities on 4/13 for an alleged attack launch by O’Neil after a prank was pulled on O’Neil.  Paige shocked O’Neil with an electric shock stick and that allegedly provoked O’Neil to run up to him and kick the camera out of his hand.  Anderson says that the alleged attack lead to injuries to his wrist, and fingers and that as a result of those injuries, he was unable to work for six months.

Anderson is suing both Bullard and WWE for a whole host of charges including battery, assault, willful misconduct, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  He further alleges that WWE knew of his “significant anger management issues”.

“Swerved” was a show hosted on the WWE Network that was abandoned after two seasons.  It is unknown what part this lawsuit plays in its cancellation.

O’Neil recently has the case moved from California, where Anderson resides, to Florida, where O’Neil resides.

WWE filed a motion requesting an extension to respond on 4/20, which was granted.  WWE has until 4/27 to respond.


Botch Take:  I’ve always been a fan of Titus and he’s always come across to me as a really good man as well – constantly serving others.  His Twitter accounts are littered with his humanitarian efforts.  All of that said, I don’t know if this can be taken seriously.  Lawsuits against WWE are a fairly frequent thing but this one is notable in that it might have contributed to the cancellation of “Swerved”.