You Will Tap Out

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching One here for another “Pickup”.  This week, the commentary team is complete!  Nigel has returned and now it’s Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, & Percy Watson.  Percy isn’t bad but he’s definitely no Corey Graves.  He’s gotten better so I’m willing to give him more chances to continue to improve.  He could definitely be worse but we won’t go there.


Mustafa Ali vs. TJP

If you’re looking for great selling, the Cruiserweights are not for you.  The speed they’re operating at precludes them from doing too much of it.  Once you let go of that concept and just let them dazzle you, you’ll find their work quite enjoyable.  Having said that, it’s great when we run into a guy who can really do it and Ali can.  Ali does one heck of a selling job when it’s really needed and he did so when he was trapped in the knee bar.  He told a great story with his face there.  The chain wrestling that began this match was just bananas!  Mustafa took this as he should have but his knee was affected and both of them told that story very well.  I absolutely love Mustafa’s finisher, the 054.



Backstage segment – Cedric Alexander (during match)

Terrible.  Just terrible.  This is what happens when you hamstring a guy with a script.  He’s awful this way because I just don’t believe him.  Not one word.  This was as bad as I’ve ever heard him.


Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

The guy whose new gimmick is that of a tapout artist…and Mustafa has to face him right after the knee bar.  I like it!  Drew’s clotheslines are just insane.  Of course, it takes too people to make it look that good and Mustafa was totally game.  It took a minute but Drew went after that knee with Arn Anderson precision.  Watching Drew have Mustafa in the leg lock and taking an interest in his nails was an absolute riot!  His half-crab on Mustafa just looked downright cruel.  When Ali got pushed off the steps, that legit looked just awful.  Thankfully, it was a planned spot but it looked spectacularly awful.  If it weren’t planned, Gulak wouldn’t have gotten him back in the ring and couldn’t have.  He’d have been dead weight.  Ali came out of that looking like a total beast so he’s not hurt by this loss in the slightest bit.


Drew Gulak vs. Tony Nese

Tony Nese bores me to tears but he did okay here.  Still, his need to say corny things will attacking Gulak was completely pointless.  I did like his viciousness.  They’re making a lot of this “Gulak stabbed him in the back” thing and I didn’t care about it, honestly.  I was never invested so really, this is just in the way here.  The story of Nese being so confused with hurting Gulak that he took his eye of the ball and then getting submitted was pretty cool.  I wonder where he’ll go from here.


Drew Gulak vs. Kalisto

Gulak plays the psychological game very well.  He kept going in and out of the ring to buy himself more time and it was great.  The crowd hated it and I just loved it.  When the action finally did pick up, Kalisto tried a dive and dearly paid for it.  Gulak grabbed him out of the air and thew him into the side wall.  It looked awful!  Kalisto took it and Gulak looks like a total rock star.


Backstage segment – Tony Nese (during match)

Dasha was awful (she mostly is, honestly).  Her job is not only to ask questions but to sell emotion but she is seemingly clueless with regard to how to do that.  She just kinda stood there with a foolish look on her face and it fell flat.  Tony, on the other hand, did exactly what he should have done:  he said absolutely nothing.  Perfectly done.



Not a bad episode of “205 Live” at all.  The work was first-rate (always is) and the ring stories told were fabulous.  I’m also somewhat exhausted… :). The only thing that failed here was Cedric’s promo.  I’m amazed his carrying a title when he gives promos that are as bad as the one we got here.  I’m thinking he’s being a bit too tightly scripted.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the “Pickup” this week.  If you’re not watching the show, what’s the matter with you?  Make your mother proud and join the madness!  See you all next week for another edition of “The Pickup”!