Greatest Royal Rumble

Here we go with the Greatest Royal Rumble LIVE from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia! We kick off with both Anthem’s of Saudi Arabia and United States. Following, we cut into a preview of the show.

Kicking off with Triple H vs John Cena to start the show! Triple H enters to a thunderous reaction from the crowd. Out comes John Cena, with kids lining up the ramp and he interacts with as he enters. Surprisingly, Cena actually seems pretty over with the crowd.

And there’s the opening bell and we are underway in Jeddah! Cena and Triple H look up in the middle of the ring until Cena is pushed off into the corner. The two lock up again, but this time, Cena shoves Triple H into the corner. Both engage in a back and forth test of strength until Triple H kicks Cena in the midsection. We finally get some actual in ring action as they begin to fight! Cena catches Triple H off guard in a quick roll up! One, two, kick out!

Cena and Triple H battle it out back and forth in the middle of the ring until Triple H catches Cena in a sleeper. Cena is able to break out of the sleeper and hits two shoulder tackles, but Triple H recovers quickly and hits a clothesline on an attempt at a third shoulder tackle. Cena gets a knee to the face from Triple H and cover! Kick out after two!

Triple H then takes down Cena down to the mat. While down, he taunts Cena with a You Can’t See Me followed by a DX Chop! Triple H then goes to hit a Five Nuckle Shuffle and covers again! Kick out after two! Cena recovers again and attempts to go for a drop kick, but gets caught by Triple H with a spine buster! Another cover and kick out!

After Cena recovers, he gets Triple H locked into the STF! Triple H is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. Cena takes yet another spine buster! Cover and kick out! Cena gets up and hits the Five Nuckle Shuffle! AA! Cena hits the AA and covers! One, Two, KICK OUT at 2 3/4! Cena looks shocked and doesn’t know what to do! Triple H gets up and hits a pedigree! One, two, kick out by Cena!

Cena gets Triple H locked into the STF once again! Triple H is able to break the hold and put Cena into the cross face. Cena reverses and hits two AA’s! Cover! ONE! TWO! THREE! Your winner: John Cena!

Following the match, Cena gets on the microphone and thanks both the crowd and the Saudi Government for the opportunity to put on this amazing event. He also says that he wasn’t going to miss this event for anything, regardless of what is going on in his own personal universe.

Coming up next, we have Cruiserweight action! Kalisto enters the ring first followed by Cedric Alexander. There’s the bell and we begin with Kalisto leading the crowd in Lucha chants. Kalisto and Cedric go back and forth in the middle of the ring with arm grabs. Kalisto goes on to gain the advantage hitting several quick moves.

Kalisto gets Alexander outside the ring and hits a springboard flip off the second rope! Cedric is able to recover and return the favor and hit his own flip on Kalisto outside the ring. Cedric catches Kalisto in the ring with a standing kick to the face! He covers, but Kalisto kicks out after the count of two! Cedric then gets Kalisto grounded in the middle of the ring and keeps throwing him down into the mat via bear hug.

Kalisto is finally able to break the hold and delivers a kick to the side of Cedric’s head! Gets Cedric in the middle of the ring and hits another kick! Cedric is down and Kalisto goes in for the cover! One, two, kick out! Kalisto goes for a flip on Cedric, but gets caught and gets taken down by Cedric instead! Cover and kick out after two!

Cedric gets caught on the top rope in the corner by a viscous kick to the head! Kalisto goes up for a flip, but Cedric blocks. Kalisto improvises and does a seated springboard! Takes both of them out of it in the middle of the ring! Kalisto goes for a cover, but another kick out by Cedric after two.

Cedric goes on the offensive, until Kalisto goes for the Salina Del Sol, but gets reversed into a lumbar check by Cedric! Kalisto is completely out! Cover, one, two, three! Your winner and still Cruiserweight Champion: Cedric Alexander!

Our next match sees Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs The Bar for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Hardy & Wyatt enter first with a mass of fireflies in the crowd. The Bar comes out next to a mixed reaction from the crowd. The bell rings and we are underway!

Matt and Cesaro kick off the match by going back and forth with “Delete” and “The Bar” chant! Bray gets tagged in by Matt and Cesaro is taken out. Cesaro is able to get the tag to Shaemus who takes control. But Hardy gets the tag and enters and both are able to take control of the match.

Hardy goes for a twist of fate, but is sent into the ropes instead. Cesaro hits Hardy while the ref’s back is turned and Shaemus takes full control of Hardy. Cesaro tags into the match and both he and Shaemus hit a double kick on Hardy in the corner. Shaemus is tagged back in and hits a knee to the face while Hardy is grounded still. And enter Cesaro again who hits a quick uppercut.

Cesaro kicks Bray off the corner and Matt catches him in a quick roll up! Kick out after two! Shaemus gets the tag from Cesaro and tries to cover Matt, who kicks out after two. Side effect by Hardy and both men are down! Both make it to the corner and in come Cesaro and Wyatt! Bray gets the quick hit and cover, but Cesaro kicks out! Chaos ensues in the ring and we end up with Wyatt down and Shaemus looking for the kick but misses! Sister Abigail delivered and tag to Hardy! Hardy enters and both deliver a twist of fate to Shaemus! Cover! ONE, TWO, THREE! Your winners and NEW Raw Tag Team Champions: Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy!

Our next match features a Raw vs Smackdown match as we have Jeff Hardy vs Jinder Mahal for the United States Championship. Jeff Hardy is out first to a huge ovation from the crowd! Singh comes out to introduce Jinder Mahal, who is met with a chorus of boos! Bell rings and the match is started!

Mahal is quickly on the attack, but Jeff is able to gain control and get Jinder outside the ring. Mahal gets back into the ring, but Hardy is caught by Singh as he tries to reenter himself. Mahal then catches Hardy and delivers several knees to the chest. Cover in the center of the ring and Jeff kicks out after a two count.

Mahal is still in control of Hardy in the middle of the ring. Jeff is able to attempt a twist of fate, but misses after a reversal. Both go for an arm to the face and are down! Mahal gets up first, but Hardy is able to catch him and hit! Covers, but kick out at two! Jeff goes for a whisper in the wind, but misses badly! Then there’s the botch of the Century when Mahal falls like he was hit!

Hardy takes advantage of the match and hits the Whisper in the Wind followed by a Swanton Bomb! He gets the hit and the cover! ONE, TWO, THREE! Your winner and STILL United States Champion: Jeff Hardy!

Smackdown Tag Team Championship action is next on deck! Out come The Uso’s first followed by the Bludgeon Brothers. There’s the bell and we begin with Rowan and Jey. Tag in to Harper who continues to dominate. Harper hits a hard drop and gets the cover, but Jey kicks out after two.

Jey is able to send Harper into the corner hard, but the wrong one and he tags in Rowan! Jey is able to get some control and takes out both Rowan and Harper and is able to get a tag to Jimmy. The Uso’s take control of the match and get a cover on Harper, but kick out after two.

Bludgeon Brothers are able to regain control and Rowan and Jimmy are legal. Jimmy is taken out by both Brothers! Cover, ONE, TWO, THREE! Your winners and STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Bludgeon Brothers!

Now we come to the Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship between Rollins, Balor, Samoa Joe, and The Miz! Rollins out first to a roaring crowd reaction for him! Joe is the next to enter the ring with mixed reactions among the crowd. Miz comes out third to a mixed reaction as well. Entering last is Balor to a big pop!

There’s the bell! Miz and Balor go at it while Joe and Rollins go after each other. Rollins goes to the top rope and hits a double blockbuster on Joe and Miz! Rollins is now taking it to the others outside the ring! Now there’s a tug of war for the ladder until Balor comes flying in over the top rope and takes out the other three competitors!

Joe gets into the ring first and has a ladder, but Rollins intercepts. Joe takes Rollins face first into the ladder on the mat! Joe is now on the attack with chops on Balor in the ring. Joe goes to flip Balor into the ladder, but Balor reverses and drops Joe on his back onto the ladder, followed by a stomp to the chest while on the ladder!

Miz then enters the ring and goes after Rollins attempting a skull crushing finale, but takes a ladder to the face instead! Ladder is now set up and Balor and Rollins are at the top! But here come Miz and Joe who take the ladder out with the other two at the top! Joe then takes out Miz and grabs the ladder and slams Balor back first into the ladder!

Joe then sends Rollins back first into the ladder! Miz is the next victim as Joe hits him to the outside with the ladder! Balor is able to take control and sends Joe into the ladder. Balor gets to the top rope for a move on Joe, but Rollins and Miz interfere allowing Joe to recover with the ladder. Joe then takes out all three with the ladder!

Joe is now in the center of the ring all alone with the ladder, but here comes Miz! Miz hits a skull crushing finale face first into the ladder on Joe! Ladder is now set up and Miz is climbing, but here comes Rollins on the other side of the ladder! Both battle back and forth at the top, until Rollins is knocked off. Here comes Balor to take his place. Miz comes off the ladder and is able to take control!

Miz hits a neck breaker on both Rollins and Balor taking them out! Miz then gets the ladder and begins to use it on the others as a weapon. Balor recovers and sets Miz up on the ladder on the mat, and hits the Coup De Gras! Balor sets up the ladder, but here comes Joe! He gets Balor into the Coquina Clutch, but Balor reverses! Joe comes back and takes out Balor!

Joe is now climbing the ladder all by himself, but here comes Balor and takes out Joe off the ladder! Balor is at the top of the ladder all alone! He’s got it! The belt is all that’s left to grab! Here’s comes Rollins springing onto the ladder off the top rope! Rollins reaches up and grabs the belt! Your winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Seth Rollins!

WWE introduces 4 new Saudi talent. But while in the ring celebrating, the Daivari brothers interfere. Daivari gets on the microphone and talks trash to the four in the ring. Daivari then shoves one of them who shoves back. The four then gang up on the brothers and take them out!

The WWE Championship Title match takes place next! Out first to the ring is Shinsuke Nakamura to a chorus of boos! Here comes AJ Styles and the crowd erupts! Match is underway and Shinsuke grabs control off the start! Styles is finally able to reverse the arm bar and get loose as Shinsuke runs out of the ring.

Shinsuke comes back into the ring and AJ quickly gets him into a headlock. Shinsuke regains control and mocks AJ, drawing him into the center of the ring. However, AJ was ready for it and quickly reversed and took over. Shinsuke is able to take AJ down once again with a kick! Styles is out on the ring apron and Nakamura delivers two devastating kicks to the back of the neck.

Shinsuke gets AJ in the ring and gets a cover, but AJ kicks out after two. Both men go after each other in the middle of the ring and end up down! AJ is first to his feet and delivers a hard elbow to the face of Nakamura! AJ then delivers a knee to the neck and goes for a cover, but Shinsuke kicks out after two! Shinsuke then gets up and takes control once again.

AJ gets Shinsuke in the middle of the ring in a calf crusher! Nakamura is able to roll to the ropes and force a break. Nakamura hits a kick to the side of AJ’s face. AJ then tries to take control, but Shinsuke is having non of it and keeps control. Both men are down in the ring and showing signs of fatigue. Now they begin to slug it out back and forth.

Nakamura attempts to go after AJ with several kicks, but misses! AJ is then caught in an arm bar and quickly escapes by reversing into a pin! Shinsuke is forced to break the hold! AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but misses and nearly hits the ref. While the Ref is distracted, Nakamura hits another low blow! Nakamura attempts the knee to face, but AJ catches him!

Both men are outside the ring while the official is counting. Both men don’t seem to care and this results in a double count out! Following the bell, AJ flips Nakamura over the barrier into a chair! He then grabs the chair and begins to attack Nakamura with it! Shinsuke escapes and begins to go up the ramp, but AJ flies over the ropes and hits him with a Phenomenal Forearm!

We see the return of The Deadman in the next match for the casket match! Introducing first, Rusev! Out comes The Undertaker to an enormous ovation from the crowd! And here we go! Undertaker asks for the casket to be opened and Rusev jumps out of the ring before the first move is even made. Rusev is running around the ring, but Undertaker has him in his sights.

Both men are now in the ring and Rusev is taking knees to Undertaker. Rusev turns his back to Taker and when he turns back around, Taker is standing and throws Rusev into the corner where he begins to throw punches. Undertaker grabs the arm of Rusev and goes up top for Old School! Rusev goes back to the outside and drags Undertaker with him. Undertaker is able to grab Rusev and throw him into the barrier!

Rusev is placed on the apron and Undertaker hits a massive leg drop across the throat of Rusev! Rusev is rolled into the casket, but Aiden English distracts Taker and allows Rusev to roll out of the casket. Taker gets back in the ring and takes a massive boot to the face. Undertaker regains control once again over Rusev. Taker goes for a clothesline, but Rusev catches him with a swinging leg kick!

Rusev has Undertaker locked into the Accolade! Rusev asked for the casket to be opened, but as he does, Taker sits up in the ring! Undertaker hits the choke slam on Rusev! Rusev is in the casket, but English interferes and takes a chokeslam and tombstone to pay for it! Both Rusev and English are in the casket! Undertaker closes the lid and wins!

Universal Championship match up next! Out comes Roman Reigns to a thunderous chorus of boos! Up next is the reigning, defending, undisputed, Universal Heavyweight Champion, Brrrrrrrrrock Lesnarrrrrrr! There’s the bell, let the carnage begin! Brock kicks off Suplex City with 4 suplexes! Follows this up with his first F5 of the match!

Roman is up and hits 3 Superman Punches in a row! He goes for the spear, but Brock dodges and catches Roman! Roman goes to the top of the cage, but Brock grabs him by the neck and brings him back into the ring! It’s now Brock’s turn at the top of the cage, but he gets caught by Roman who powerbombs him into the ring! Roman hits 2 spears in a row on Lesnar! Third spear afterusing the ropes! Cover and a kick out after the count of two!

Roman goes for the door to escape, but Heyman slams the door in his face! Roman falls back into the arms of Brock, who hits his 2nd F5 of the match! Brock takes off his gloves and grabs a chair tossed in to him by Paul Heyman, but turns around into a 4th spear by Reigns! Roman grabs the chair and begins to take out everything on Brock in the ring!

Reigns hits a 5th Superman Punch, but Lesnar is still moving! Lesnar to his feet and takes a HUGE spear! Both men break through the cage! But who is the winner? The official runs over with the belt as we hear the announcement! You winner and STILL reigning, defending, undisputed, Universal Heavyweight Champion, Brrrrrrrrock Lesnarrrrrr! Following the match, there is much dispute about who really won the match! Watch Raw on Monday for some certain fallout!

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How many times will Big Show undergo face/heel turns during this show?

that’s left to Can Triple H finish a Swanson Hungry Man dinner in under five minutes?

Will Apollo Crews,  Titus O’Neil, and Jinder Mahal be able to import baby oil into Saudi Arabia?

Is Jim Ross salty that the commentary chairs are not lined with polyester?

Will the Saudi Arabian government designate the New Day’s pancakes as weapons of mass destruction?

None of these questions will be answered during today’s “Greatest Royal Rumble”!