Attendance Figures For The Greatest Royal Rumble Papered?

Despite WWE’s claims that the Greatest Royal Rumble event drew nearly sixty thousand fans in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia it is fairly obvious that they have probably “papered” the house to use the old school Promoters terminology.

The King Abdullah Stadium does have a maximum capacity of over sixty thousand, but as you can see in the image below, lack of floor seats and the events stage setup cutting off almost a quarter of the venue makes that number unlikely:

We reported last week that WWE’s higher-ups were unsure the market in Saudi Arabia was strong enough to support an event of this size. But after the Saudi government offered them $20 Million upfront and said they would handle ticketing for the event, WWE obviously changed their tune.

It’s more than likely the Suadi government have lost money on the event due to selling tickets for as low as 3 U.S. dollars (Despite the average Saudi citizen’s income being $10,000 a year higher than the average income of someone living in the U.S.), but they probably don’t care! As we have mentioned previously, the event was all about generating positive PR for the Arab Kingdom overseas.

It was also claimed by Micheal Cole during the broadcast that the event was the biggest overseas show in WWE history. However, that record is still held by SummerSlam 1992 that was held at Wembley Stadium in London England which drew a reported eighty thousand people. Although, that event most likely had a “Papered” house as well!

Sir Mitch Says: If I had to guess the actual attendance for the Greatest Royal Rumble, I’d say it would be somewhere in the realms of forty thousand people which is still pretty impressive all things considered. But it makes me wonder why they would bother “papering the house” at all?