Monday Night Raw (4/30/18)

Raw Results:

Reigns in the ring to EPIC heat!  Louder and longer than ever!  Mahal out to heat.  Sami out to serious pop, and then KO out to about bring the house down around them.  Both KO and Sami spoke French and held the fans in the palm of their hands.  They all start fighting.  Lashley then out and into the fray.  Strowman out to take them all down, which got him a bit of heat when he took down the hometown boys.

Elias in the ring with his guitar.  He has them in the palm of his hand.  Roode out to HUGE pop!

All the trainers and doctors out after Roode was slammed throat first into the corner (the metal part between the padding and the post).  Elias gets on mic an announces himself the winner of the match.

AOP defeat Jean-Paul & Francior

Rollins to the ring to solid pop.  Rollins doesn’t want to be like Lesnar, he wants to be a fighting champion.  Balor out.  They are two and two, so need a rubber match.  Bo and Axel out wanting to fight with them, not against them.  Rollins gives them a hard no.  Bo and Axel try to attack, but they are beaten down.  The Balor takes Rollins down, just to remind him of their coming match.

Ruby Riott defeats Sasha Banks

Titus has to answer to his epic trip under the ring.  He admitted to failing, but few can fall in front of everyone in the world.  You don’t just stay down, you get back up.  Corbin walks in and talks smack.  Titus takes it in stride.

Braun & Reigns & Lashley defeat Sami & KO & Mahal


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Will Roman Reigns discover the secret to the perfect game of Chinese Checkers?

Does Alexa Bliss wash and go with Pert?

Is Jinder Mahal a fan of Bananarama?

Does Titus O’Neil prefer a grilled cheese sandwich or a bacon slider?

Could Nia Jax become the first woman ever to cross the Delaware River utilizing only a turkey platter and chopsticks?

None of these questions will be answered on tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”