The Imperial Chronicles

New Details on WWE TV Deal

The WWE manages to work some serious money deals.  As of right now, their deal with NBC Universal, with the shows on USA Network, is approximately $130 million a year for Raw and Smackdown Live.  Not […]

Smackdown Live - The Royal Flush

Knee…to Face!

Four matches? Two hours of show and they had all of four matches? That’s bloody crazy! They usually have more than this on SD, and I expect more than this on SD. The promos and […]

The Imperial Chronicles

Cruiserweights Off Raw

The Cruiserweight Division has officially been removed from Raw.  The CW Division superstars have not been seen on Raw recently, though they are still touring with the show and working dark matches.     QD […]

Dignified Discussion

Smackdown Live! (5/29/18)

If you’re lost, can you look and find The New Day…Time After Time? Please, please tell me now, Is There Something Naomi Should Know? Does AJ Styles Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’? Is Becky Lynch the […]