Daivari Receives Death Threats

During the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, Aryia Daivari and his older brother Daivari came out waving an Iranian flag and got into a tussle with four Saudi wrestling recruits.  Vince McMahon has always been one to push the political boundaries in the ring, something that dates back to the late 70s, but seems to have forgotten that times have changed.  The world is a much smaller place because of the Internet and the anonymity it provides.  Because of this, it’s much easier for death threats to fly around without really thinking things through.

Daivari has received death threats since his segment last Friday but has reacted with class and respect.


Queen’s Decree – I guess I shouldn’t be floor by this, but I am. I really loathe McMahon when he does things like this, it’s proof that he still loves middle school humor and takes it too far more often than not. The problem is that he rarely has to deal with the fallout. That’s left to people like Daivari who was just there for that one show, not even on the regular roster (sadly).