Smackdown Live! (5/1/18)

SD Results:

Paige announces that Shane isn’t there, and that at Backlash, the WWE Championship between AJ and Naka would be a No DQ Match after how far off the rails they went in Saudi Arabia.

Miz TV – Miz bands Bryan from his show, and invites Jeff Hardy to the show.  Orton out and Miz tries to get him to attack Hardy.  Orton and Hardy are cool.  Benjamin comes out talking smack.  Orton takes out Benjamin and the fight erupts between all of them.

Jeff Hardy & Orton defeat Miz & Benjamin  After the match Orton hit an RKO outta nowhere on Jeff

Iconics picking on Renee and Canada backstage.

Mr. Bootyworth brought pancakes to The Bar at New Day’s urging.  They throw them away.  Sheamus wants a match, and Big E gets hot and in his face, but Sheamus wants Woods.

Backstage Lana is with her husband, wearing a Rusev Day shirt.  She thinks English is holding Rusev back.  (Her accent seems to have gone the way of Kofi’s accent.)

Cass to the ring, calls out Bryan and gets a little person dressed as Bryan.  Cass then destroys him.

AJ in the ring with Renee, talking about Naka.  Joe out to rip on AJ and Reigns.  Naka’s music hits, and Joe turns around, ready to fight, but Naka is suddenly in the ring with another low blow on A from behind!  Naka continues to beat down a crotched AJ.

Woods defeats Sheamus

Paige brings Mandy and Sonya in, but they’re unhappy that they’re not getting special treatment because Absolution is dead.

Zelina video about when Almas will debut.  It will happen when they’re ready for it to happen.




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Can the Miz learn the proper way to utilize an Allen wrench?

Will Big E. be able to win the eBay auction for the Atari 2600?

Does Charlotte Flair use Ivory or Dove soap?

Is Shane McMahon obsessed with having a wheel of sharp cheddar cheese and Town House crackers available for him backstage at every “Smackdown Live!” broadcast?

Are Sweetarts or Tim Tams the snacking choice of Becky Lynch?

None of these questions will be answered during tonight’s edition of “Smackdown Live!”