C’mon, Pollo

Hi, kids, it’s the Botching One with another edition of “The Pickup”.  We always get well-worked matches and this week showed us little exception.  Let’s get into it, shall we?


Akira Tozawa & Hideo Itami vs. The Brian Kendrick & “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

As is always the case, Ariya and Gallagher are a lot of fun in there.  Akira is very quick and crips in there so I always enjoy him.  I’m also a sucker for “AAAHHH!’  I know, I’m simple.  The crowd likes it too so I’m not alone.  He was easily the most “over” in this match and with me too, even if I hate his theme.  This is someone they should really be building on.  They don’t and he ended up taking the pin.  Kendrick & Gallagher took it and the crowd honestly didn’t seem to care too much.

They got this started off nicely and then Kendrick and Itami got in there.  They played up the “orbital bone injury” angle and did it well.  This was an old-fashioned chess game and I enjoyed it.

When Gallagher became heel, his ring work changed in the best ways.  He became far more devious and downright cruel in there.  The Russian leg sweep to Tozawa into the barrier was just delicious but it was the slow speed with which he set it up that really made it cool.

At the end, Hideo turned on Akira and it appears that tag team is now over.  Let’s see where this goes.


Backstage segment – Drew Gulak

No one cuts a better promo in “205 Live” than him.  This wasn’t long but it didn’t need to be.  Very well done as usual.


Buddy Murphy vs. Liam Lewy

Buddy came out to near-completely silence.  That’s never good.  I looked for info on Liam Lewy and couldn’t find any.  I’m sure he’s a Canadian indie guy but that’s all I know.  I prefer to find info on these guys and in most cases, I’ve seen them already.  Lewy is a mystery to me, I’m afraid.  I’m not even sure I spelled his last name properly.

This was a jobber match but with a slight twist.  Lewy was knocked out and couldn’t get up and was, in Nigel’s words, “unable to defend himself” so the match ended.  Uneventful…completely and totally uneventful but it was an attempt to tell a story.

Alexander came out to meet Murphy on the ramp and the fun began.  The brawl ensued with Murphy getting away.


Cinéma de weigh-in – Buddy Murphy & Drake Maverick (before the match began)

This was nice and quick.  Buddy came in at the correct weight.  Oh, the suspense…


Backstage segment – Cedric Alexander

This was nice and quick.  Heck, it was even marginally better.  I’ll take it.


Kalisto vs. Drew Gulak

He said “c’mon, Pollo”.  LOL!!!  Gulak is just great.  Since the reboot, he’s been repositioned as a submission specialist with a hint of his former “Better 205 Live” gimmick.  Both approaches mix well and, of course, he handles it well.

The dive from Kalisto onto the outside looked oddly botch-y but it may have been intended.  I honestly couldn’t tell.  Still, it slowed down the flow of the match which worked well.

The Gory Stretch looked absolutely vicious and then he turned it into a great-looking remix on the Boston Crab.  The torque on that thing must have been unbearable.  Once Gulak tried to get the mask off (and came really close), the match sped up again.

The match got some “this is awesome” chants but also got a lot of “this is NOT awesome” and “this is AWFUL” chants.  I wouldn’t read anything into it.  This Montreal audience was cheeky all week and this was just more of it.

In the end, Kalisto tapped out to the Gu-Lock.  This was definitely a match worth watching.


Cinéma de Lucha (before match began)- Kalisto (w/ Lince & Metalik)

I like these cellphone videos.  I also like the speed with which they do them and the energy Kalisto put out.  Well done!


A decent episode of “205 Live” greeted us and I’m glad.  There was even a bit of storytelling, though not done particularly well.  Maybe we’ll get more as time goes on.  See you next week on “The Pickup”!