Please, Just Go Home!

What a royal mess of a SD! So not a great go-home to Backlash. I hope the PPV is better than the pain this episode of SD put us through!


Paige’s Tatas!

I really don’t like Paige’s inflated lips but that woman has some amazing cleavage and should never cover it up. Beyond that, she still a very young but this could be a great role for her to say involved in the industry. She has a ways to go, but this could be a great thing for her.


Miz TV

Bryan didn’t show up last week so he’s banned from Miz TV. Love it! I cannot get over how chill Jeff Hardy is, but that’s who he is. Orton is floating in left field without any true direction. Then again, his career started that way in the WWE. He was getting hit on by Keibler on SD, then was moved to Raw and they pushed his 3rd generation thing but it really wasn’t until Evolution formed that Orton found any direction at all. I’m so glad that Orton was put in that role, rather than Stasiak who was first slated to be the green guy of the group.


Four Greats Flop

This was not much of a match. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t spectacular. With these four it should have been spectacular, it just wasn’t. What’s worse is that this was the first of only three matches we saw on SD. What a mess!


The Colonics

Yes, I went there. These two might have been over in NXT with this high school raging jerks, but they are failing in a HUGE way on SD. Even Mitch who is a major mark for these two are not impressed, at all. It’s time to change these two up, or keep them off the mic, because they’re horrific! It’s so obvious who is booking them this way. Or, it should be obvious, unless it’s Road Dogg who is booking it. Either way, they are out of touch with reality, and are showing young girls that it’s okay to be catty and obnoxious rather than the message they should be sending out that women should be lifting each other up, not breaking them down.


Mr. Bootyworth?

Wow! Just, wow! That was funny and crazy good. I loved the way Big E got up in Sheamus’ face and went all badass on him. I know WR is a PG site, but I cannot help myself, because Big E showed a tiny bit of his badass side, and I’m thrilled. I cannot wait for the time that Big E breaks out of his New Day shell and goes all main event on everyone’s arse! I’m giddy over the thoughts of where Big E might be, hopefully sooner, rather than later.


The Missing Accent, And Mysterious Hook

They glued a hook to the wall for the Rusev segment. They used a bleeping Command hook for English’s jacket so he had a reason to step back on-screen! That’s hysterical, but was so obvious. If they had put up three of them, even two, up there, it would have looked fine. That one pathetic little hook up there was so silly looking.

Then there’s Lana who went all Kofi on us by losing her accent out of the blue. Or, she lost most of her accent, without a word being said about it. Then there’s the question of who will be in, and who will be out, of Rusev Day. Will Lana or English be the man Rusev sticks with.


You Can’t Teach THAT!

Which is terribly sad because Cass truly bombed here. He sucked it up big time and had lost everyone even before McMahon went back to his 5th grad humor and sent the little person out there. Now, I’ve watched a LOT of WWF/WWE through the years, have re-watched a lot of it recently and have seen so many lame, stupid vignettes. I’ll admit that some of them were sort of funny, for the time, but looking at them now, they’re just a sad and pathetic look back at McMahon’s horrible sense of humor. We all know that the Attitude Era had as much bad as good, and we should be focusing on the good and how to make the WWE good again, not bring back all the bad that will get them ridiculed at any turn.


Crotched, Again!

Nakamura really has a thing for crotching AJ lately. Not saying it’s a good thing, but Nakamura has a thing in the ring that makes him a heel, and a thing to say on mic that about brings the house down. He’s really developing as a heel, which is great as he’s been rather milquetoast since coming up to the main roster.

Joe was also a wonderful part of this segment. He’s so good on mic, but the fact that he’s feuding with Reigns, who is on the other roster, is just strange. I love it, and think it’s a great way to keep things going between PPVs. I like the crossover, and hope they do more of it.


Bootleg Pancakes

This was a decent match. Woods is so great in the ring, and I think we forget that too often because his mic skills are so strong. Singles matches really shows how great he is in the ring, and reminds me that he will be fine when New Day finally does break up. Between Big E going off on Sheamus, and Woods’ match with Sheamus makes me wonder if, possibly, they are starting to think in that direction, starting to think they’re testing the waters for a possible break up, to see how each would do if they were on their own. Personally I see them all doing a decent to fantastic job on their own. Woods to 205, Big E to the main event, but Kofi might get lost again. Kofi has struggled to find his place on the roster, and New Day has been the best spot for him through much of his WWE career. Maybe he should go to Raw and be part of Titus Worldwide? Just a thought!


The Big Kiss-Off

We were all wondering what would happen with Absolution, and wondering if Paige would help them or step away. We got our answer and I’m glad they decided to go the direction they are, because Mandy can hold her own as she grows, and Sonya needs someone to help her along. Whether that’s Mandy, or someone else, the SD roster has plenty of women to help these two grow, and it’s time they get plugged in there and move along without Paige. Though it would be fun if there were some issues between them going forward. It would give Paige a storyline above being GM of SD, which she will need sooner, rather than later.


A Bit Too ADR

I love Zelina, and have loved her since I first saw her in TNA as part as LAX, but Almas is so boring! Honestly, and I didn’t see it myself, at first, but then Stacy mentioned it, I couldn’t unsee how this promo felt very ADR before he first debuted. Not that I expect Almas to turn into the loser ADR is (as a wrestler, and in life), but I worry that his lack of personality will land him in the boat that ADR was in for so long.


Tagging Women

They have been so dead set on women’s tag matches lately.  Why not create straps for it? It’s a natural, and there are so many amazing women on Raw and SD, so why not try it? These women deserve more, because they give us so much every week. These women are fantastic at what they do and deserve everything the men get for the work they do, for the fact that these women can main event better than the men much of the time, just as they did here. This was the best match of the night, even though there wasn’t much to choose from. These women have changed wrestling for the better and I’m giddy to be able to write about them every week.


Final Flush

Above I said that I really like the crossover storylines, and I think in doing these back and forth storylines, it’s the perfect time to introduce a Women’s Tag Team Championship. They could defend it at PPVs, and the promos can be done by teams on both shows as they work a storyline and never actually come in contact until PPVs, depending on who holds the belts and who are contenders for it. It’s absolutely time for a Women’s Tag Team Championship, but neither roster is big enough for it, so it makes complete sense to bring it about as cross-promotional.

Now they need to get sAnity, with Nikki Cross, up on the SD roster, sooner than later! I need me some sAnity!

Queen KB