Little Miss Bliss Not Injured

There was much crying and gnashing of teeth when the WWE announced that Alexa Bliss had injured her shoulder at Backlash.  This was pushed further by people on Twitter claiming that Nia Jax is an unsafe wrestler and that Bliss is just another in a long line of superstars Jax has injured.  All of this appears to be completely untrue if you believe what Jax has posted on Twitter.


QD – I have to admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this. The last thing (among a long list of things) the WWE needs is Bliss injured. The Women’s Division on Raw is deep than SD right now (from where I sit), but Bliss is a top superstar who knows how to hold the fans in the palm of her hand. She’s the most over female heel in the WWE since Vickie Guererro.