Raw Viewership Drops After Backlash

While not overly surprising this time of the year, the drop in Raw viewership was bigger than normal for the post-WM pro wrestling lull.  The show averaged 2.68M viewers, a big drop from the 3,066,000 viewers the week before.


Hourly breakdown:

Hour 1 – 2.79 million viewers
Hour 2 – 2.73 million viewers
Hour 3 – 2.55 million viewers


QD – Between Backlash not getting very good reviews, the backlash of fans not caring enough to turn into Raw, the fact that viewership always drops after WrestleMania, and the NBA playoffs, Raw didn’t have much of a chance.  I’m not overly surprised by the ratings and don’t expect SD to be much better.  We can always tell here at WR that when the Dignified Discussion is quiet, ratings will be down.  Our amazing WRC really dictates what’s going on with the rest of the world.