Smackdown Live (5/8/18)

Will Charlotte Flair fall in love with an audience member who brings a “Charlotte Kiss Cam” sign to the arena?

Can Shelton Benjamin figure out the difference between Muenster and Havarti cheese?

Will Tom Phillips decide to wear peach-colored socks emblazoned with a photograph of Dr.  Johnny Fever?

Did the IIconics once audition for the Spice Girls wearing 5x t-shirts and Crocs?

Should Naomi take Jimmy out for sushi or Greek after the show?

None of these questions will be answered during tonight’s edition of “Smackdown Live”!


SD Results:

Miz defeats Jeff Hardy to qualify for the MITBLM

Sheamus is upset and eating Lucky Charms backstage to feel better after his loss to Woods last week.  They tease issues between, but then realize that they’ve been flapjacked – their bags are full of pancakes!

Renee interviews Naka who still doesn’t speak English.

Charlotte defeats Peyton Royce to qualify for the MITBLM

Cesaro defeats Woods

New Bludgeon Brother promo!

Backstage Paige bans Sonya from ringside.

Mandy Rose defeated Becky Lynch

Rusev defeats Bryan to qualify for the MITBLM


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