Why WWE Cannot Push Lashey As They Should

The WWE has really struggled to push Bobby Lashley in a way that makes him look as though he’s a viable competitor, or replacement for, Brock Lesnar.  The problem is multi-fold.  First, they will not discuss Lashley’s years in TNA, so they’re stuck talking about his MMA work.  Beyond that, looking further back to his first run with the WWE, the biggest storyline he was involved with, and the thing people remember about him the most, was when Lashley sided with Donald Trump heading into WrestleMania 23.  Because McMahon and the WWE don’t want to upset or offend his friend, POTUS, as well as those who love and hate Trump, they have been acting as though that storyline never happened.


QD – I know they have done everything in their power to appease Trump since his campaign started, but we all know Trump was involved in the WWE for a very long time.  That being said, we are smarks.  It’s the casual fans who don’t know or don’t remember Trump’s involvement with the WWE through the years they don’t want to offend.  The problem is that Lashley is milquetoast on his best of days.  He’s Apollo, but taller and more built.  He seems sweet enough, but sweet doesn’t sell merch or PPVs.