Replace, Refresh, Renew

I was catching up on “Smackdown Live” earlier today and, as I always do, listening to the themes these superstars come out to.  Many of them are classics – Daniel Bryan’s, John Cena’s, Undertaker’s (not necessarily in that order).  They are so ingrained into the characters that you could never change them.  There are also some that have become completely stale and need a facelift or some overall changing overall.  This is, of course, an opinion piece so I’ll name the one’s I think need a refresh.  Let me know in the “comments” if you think I’m onto something or if I’m completely bonkers.  Jim Johnston is going to get short shrift here because “the CFO$ era” has been rather short.  Let’s dive in, shall we?


The Miz – “I Came to Play” – Downstait (written by Jim Johnston)

He’s been using the same tune since January 4, 2010.  That’s 8 years with some slight interruption (Awesome Truth & ShoMiz).  Lyrically, the tune says nothing that’s specifically Miz.  It could fit anyone.  His character has changed from what it was and the camera clicking and “quiet on the set” isn’t enough to denote that.  Heck, he doesn’t even say “AWWWWEESOOOOMEE” anymore.  This is a well-aged theme and the first one I thought of.  In fact, it inspired this article.  As I don’t think it’s amazing to begin with, surely CFO$ can come up with something far better that’s tailor-made for his character rather than this Jim Johnston thing that could have been given to virtually anyone.



Randy Orton – “Voices” – Rev Theory (written by Jim Johnston)

This is another one that’s been in use forever.  I didn’t realize since I started writing this that this tune has been his theme since May 12, 2008.  It was interrupted for a moment when he was in the Wyatt Family.  This one suits Orton far better than Miz’s suits him but it’s just old and tired…kinda like the character.  There’s no reason an athlete as incredibly talented and charismatic as Randy should be as boring as he’s become.  People consistently complain about John Cena’s never-changing character but no one says much about Orton’s.  It sadly goes perfectly with his never-changing theme.



Jeff Hardy – Loaded (written by Jim Johnston)

This one is the oldest of the themes I’ll go into in this article.  It’s been in use since 1999.  That’s just crazy.  It’s really also the only one he’s ever had in WWE.  Even “No More Words” (used for a little over a year in 2008/2009) has the exact same riff in the exact same key.  Yes, he’s had plenty of other themes in other organizations but just permutations of this one in WWE.  It’s fairly mundane and, as with Miz’s, could fit any wrestler WWE decided to give it to.  There’s nothing remotely “Jeff Hardy” about it.



Mickie James – Obsession (written by Jim Johnston)

This one is just awful.  I referenced it in my last article of “Worst Superstar Themes”.  This is a very “diva” theme.  It certainly doesn’t fit with the “women’s evolution” at all.  Even then, this doesn’t work for someone of Mickie’s maturity.  She’s hardly old by any measure but this worked at the beginning of her career.  It doesn’t fit who she is.  The woman is a country singer.  Why is her theme not country-based?  To top it off, this one’s been in use since roughly 2007.  The CFO$ really should have come up with something new at some point.  This thing needs to go.


Yeah, I know, pick on Jim Johnston some more, will ya?  It just so happens that the CFO$ haven’t been around long enough for some of their more…ahem…dubious themes to wear thin.  When they do, I promise to throw plenty of shade at them.  I actually already did it in the previous article which you can read (here).  Okay, let me here it below.  Which ones are you kinda done with?