Smackdown Live TV Rating Plummets

WWE got some bad news this week along with the low Raw Viewership as Smackdown Live was only watched by 2,293,000 viewers. That’s their lowest viewership for 2018 and a sign that people did not care enough to tune in for the post-Backlash follow-up storylines. It should be noted that they were up against the NBA Playoff game between the Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz on TNT and a heavily hyped episode of NCIS on CBS that drew over 15 million viewers. For a comparison, last week’s Smackdown drew 2,436,000 viewers.

This week’s show ranked as the 10th most watched show of the night on TV. Things should start to pick up towards the summer during the hype for SummerSlam.

Sir Mitch Says: Not a shock given how poorly received Backlash was!