CM Punk Meet & Greet

Just one day before All In and CM Punk will be in Chicago for a meet and greet with fans.  Pro Wrestling Tees is putting on this meet and greet which is a bit of a shocker as Punk has done almost nothing with the pro wrestling world since he left the WWE.  While Chicago is Punk’s hometown, this sudden change in direction has many wondering if there’s more to the story than a simple signing, but that he might be working with Cody and the Young Bucks the following night.


QD – Punk is famous for working the fans in any way he can.  Therefore, this could be nothing more than a simple signing, or he is working with the three men who have stepped out of the indie shadows and made wrestling a much different place.  Only time will truly tell what the plan is, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what happens.