If CFO$ Was More Like Alan Thicke

What if WWE Theme Songs were more like 80’s TV Theme Songs. Here are 3 of them one for the newly named B-Team, one for Breezango and one for the New Day. They aren’t based on any actual TV Theme Songs, so make up your own music, if you can, when you read them.



The B-Team

Curtis has a grandfather who liked Axes.

Bo had a father known for Taxes.

Curtis’s was as Perfect as he could be.

Bo’s brother once had his own Family.


But they were going nowhere in this Biz.

That was until they started hanging out with the Miz.

In the Miztourage, they no longer had a frown.

But, then Miz went off to Smackdown.


But they had a dream.

So they became the B-Team.

The B-Team

The B-Team

Soon they will become Mainstream.

The B-Team

The B-Team

The Best Team it does seem.

They are the B-Team!



When you have nothing to wear.

And you must go somewhere soon

With no time to spare.

You find a suit that’s maroon.


You think you look good

Wearing a suit made from fleece.

It even has a hood.

Then you run into the Fashion Police.


Fashion Police, you must please.

Because you’ll have to deal with Fandango.

Or worse with Tyler Breeze.

Because what you’re wearing is a No!


The New Day

This is a Story of man named Big E.

Once a champion in NXT.

Langston used to be his last name.

He was just looking for his claim to fame.


This is a story of Kofi Kingston, Too.

Who once was part of WWE’s ECW.

He was also Jamaican at one time.

Randy Orton prevented his climb.


This is also a story of Xavier Woods, they say.

Who once was a part of TNA.

In the ring he is no clown.

He has a Youtube channel, UpUpDownDown.


Now we’re known as the New Day.

And we are here to Stay.

We have Cereal and Socks.

That’s because New Day Rocks.