No Charges For Enzo Amore

Eric Arndt, known as Enzo Amore in the WWE, was previously accused of sexual assault, which led to him being fired from the WWE.  The WWE has worked hard to stay on top of such things, and it was more that Arndt didn’t inform the WWE that this was going on which led to his firing.

In a new tweet Arndt posted a letter from his lawyer stating that no further actions would be taken against him and that the woman in question lied about it all.




QD – There are so many things I could say about this, which is the reason I’m posting this bit of news over any other writer within WR.  The #MeToo movement has been a great thing for women, but it has also opened the door for liars to cause trouble, or change their mind about a sexual encounter, making it appear as though it was a criminal act when it really wasn’t.  I feel bad for Arndt as he shouldn’t have had to go through this.  On the other hand, he should have been frank with the WWE from the start, as they would have worked with him, helped him with this. They don’t like to be blindsided by things like this, no matter what the truth really is.  I’m hoping that women will learn from this and not make up lies just to hurt people or get money out of them.  I also hope that more men step up and not put themselves in this position.  It’s a good, and troubling time right now, and while great things are coming from it, it’s also an open door for liars and losers.  #MeToo