Wrestle Royalty Is Back!

I have to apologize for the screwy week it’s been.  I have managed to get the site back to how it should look, with the help of an unexpected source.  There’s been too much turmoil here for such a new site and it’s going to stop.  I don’t know how, but I’m going to make sure we never have to go through a mess like this again.  If you’re wondering how it goes fixed, here’s how it happened.  The following is from a Facebook direct message that I initiated just a little while ago.  I had Botch do a screen capture for me.  He’s the one in purple:

So there it is…

I have to thank everyone who has stood by me through all this.  The love you’ve shown me and Wrestle Royalty has been nothing short of astounding and incredibly touching.  I hope I can continue to show you how much you all mean to me by running the best wrestling site possible and further build the Wrestle Royalty Community for all those who love to debate wrestling without being abused by negative members of the IWC or with any other ghosts from my personal life.  Together, we will make sure that Wrestle Royalty grows stronger than ever!

Thank you,

Queen KB