Coming Clean – A Wrestle Royalty Adventure

Some of you will know about this by now given that this video went up on Facebook a little while ago.  For those who don’t,

We got you.

The entire #ShatteredMarie thing was an angle.  Kendra, Marie, and I are very much friends and the entire thing was a “work”.  We sincerely hope we entertained you all with it.  Here’s the video that explains everything:


Botch Take:  We had so much fun with this and we hope you did too.  I also learned a lot in the process.  I enjoyed your hate but more than that, Marie and I both enjoyed the love you showed to Kendra.  She’s cool people and totally deserving of it.  This whole thing has been a blast and we’re glad so many of you played along.  Even if you weren’t buying it, we hope you were entertained.