Fox To Air Smackdown Live In 2019?

There has been a lot of reports going around lately regarding WWE’s future TV deals. We have not reported anything about it because nothing has been even close to being confirmed and is all purely speculation at this point!

But since these rumors won’t go away, we are now obliged to inform you guys on the latest development.

ESPN is reporting that Fox and WWE have agreed to a deal in principle to acquire broadcasting rights for Smackdown Live in America for a reportedly “obscene” amount.

The deal begins in October 2019, and there are no further details available right now on specific terms, and WWE has declined to comment on the story.

Last week, The Hollywood Reporter reported that NBCUniversal would be keeping Monday Night Raw for almost 3-times the current amount, but they would let Smackdown Live go because they could not afford to keep both shows.

Smackdown Live has been WWE’s “B” show since the show launched on the UPN Network in 1999. When the show moves to Fox next year, it could end up reaching a larger audience than Raw every week and could mean that more emphasis will be put on the show since it would air on a major broadcast network.

Sir Mitch Says: Obviosly, WWE has asked for an increase in their already ridiculous TV rights fee they charge NBCUniversal to air Raw each week and I don’t doubt WWE wants to “Double dip” and allow another network to air Smackdown. But I simply do not believe that NBCUniversal is willing to pay up to 3-times more than they are paying WWE now just to air Raw!   

If that were true, WWE would wind up getting close to a Billion dollars a year with the TV rights and a chunk of Ad revenue just for Raw.