WWE Adventures in Television Deals

The internet has been awash with so many news articles about Fox and USA and who will be airing the WWE shows in the future. This sparked a rather large backstage debate between Sir Mitch, Mistress Marie, Jester Jason, and Petty Dre. Queen threw in a few comments but tried to stay out of it and let them hash it out between them.

In a backstage office a couple of days ago…

Marie – A Billion?

Mitch – Am I the only one who finds all this too fantastical to be true?

Queen – I see so much bad coming of this!

Jason – &$@^(^#^*^#@**((&^^

Marie – Yahoo wouldn’t be reporting it if it wasn’t true. Especially as the front headline.

Mitch – Neither Fox or WWE are saying anything though! Until they do…NOTHING is confirmed really.

Marie – Since Thursday, WWE stock has jumped $15 a share.

Mitch – Same thing happened when the Raw rumour came out. Stock prices jumped, then leveled off.

Marie – When WWE pulled this out, it’s usually confirmed. They are probably doing a press conference later this week.

Jason – I’ll be watching the corporate website.

Marie – I want to focus on something: $205 million annually. That’s $4 million a week!

Jason – Or which $2 million goes to Brock!

Marie – Plus they get advertising revenue, and because they are considered a premium programming block, like the NFL, they will get higher ad revenue.

Jason – I’m not crazy about the move to Friday though.

Marie – This new deal will make WWE earn half a BILLION from TV rights alone, before adverts, and close to a billion with them. And that’s annually!

Mitch – Hell. And USA paying 3X more per year than they are paying now! I’m sorry, until WWE, FOX, or NBCUniversal says something…I consider all this too fantastical to believe.

Jason – I could understand Thursday, but FOX doesn’t want to compete against NFL on NBC.

Marie – Hell, I could get Wednesday and WWE moving NXT to Tuesdays. But Fridays are a dead day for…I get it. FOX is moving it to Fridays BECAUSE they will have no competition on broadcast TV for it.

Jason – Running 3 hours on Friday is a terrible idea.

Marie – Call me crazy, but it may very well work.

Jason – But it may backfire. Never mind, FOX gets TNF rights next season.

Marie – It could, and if it does, I’m sure WWE will push FOX to change the day.

Jason – I say to keep it where it is now, but change it to three hours.

Queen – Three hours is the kiss of death.

Marie – I agree, but I’m sure FOX is seeing ad money and salivating.

Jason – If USA is paying 3X the money, that HAS to include Total Divas and Raw. If not also moving NXT to broadcast.

Mitch – Even with TD and NXT, I can’t possibly see them paying 3X more a year.

Jason – Unless that was their proposal to keep ALL programming.

Marie – NBC owns the rights to Total Divas with WWE. I’m betting it moves off E, since USA has a really strong base with Christly and the Cromardies. I can.

Mitch – Even with all programming, that’s too much!

Jason – But I know Vince is very high up on moving at least one of the programs to a major OTA Network. So if NBCU is smart, they keep Raw and move it to NBC.

Marie – @Mitch, NBC’s advertising revenue shot up when WWE moved to 3 hours. And has been increasing since because WWE is getting major sponsors.

Mitch – 3X more a year is close to a billion a year just for Raw and TD. No way in hell would they pay that much!

Marie – Not a billion a year for that, no. The new proposal eliminates SD, which was about 40% of the revenue in the previous contract. So about half a billion annually for just Raw and TD.

Mitch – If they are making that much money just off TV they might as well wipe of half their live events schedule. They make dick on live events these days anyway!

Dre – They made a 5% increase on live revenue in 2017. Stop hating bro!

Mitch – Increased ticket prices not increased sales bro!

Dre – 5% increase on money. All the numbers are there to view.

Jason – Prices have actually been about the same for their events.

Mitch – Live attendance is down! That’s well known. MITB still isn’t sold out!

Marie – @Mitch, on this, Dre is right. The only event ticket prices are up for it, wait for it, PPVs!

Mitch – Fair enough…but overall Live attendance is down!

Dre – Down 7%, nothing major.

Marie – TV is. But house shows are steady. And WWE is offering more affordable packages for those, like $40 for 4 box seats and $15 general admission.

Jason – $15?

Marie – Yes.

Jason – They got ripped off! We paid $10 for ringside!

Mitch – Is that just US? Because lowest price for the last show in Melbourne was $60 AUD.

MarieThe Jonesboro, AR live show next month has bleacher seats 4/$40, and $15 upper deck.

JasonPersonally, WWE needs to do televised shows from other Countries.

Queen – But that’s when injuries occur more due to them being too tired.

Jason – No, I mean Raw and SD.

Queen – It would be good if they could split the roster for each show, but the fans want to see all the big names, no matter where the show. So am I.

Jason – I’d love to see a month with nothing but Raw and Smackdown from Japan, then Australia, India, and finish with PPV in England.

Queen More injuries occur when they go to other countries because they have even less downtime.

Mitchhttps://sites.google.com/site/chrisharrington/mookieghana-prowrestlingstatistics/wwe-attendance-by-city-2008-2016#TOC-USA Overall attendance over the last decade is down as far I can tell from these figures.

Queen – Also, they have to tape those shows, and we know what happens to the ratings then.

Mitch – Ratings are crap now live in the US. They still get given large sums of cash!

Queen But ratings are much worse for taped shows. We all have seen it in our DD when shows are taped.

Dre – RAW finishes in the 3 every week and usually #1 when Football isn’t on. TV ratings are down across the board for everything due to streaming.

Marie – Ironically Ken, ratings were up slightly last week.

Mitch – Even with streaming they shouldn’t be that low!

Queen – Really? Very unusual for taped shows. No, they shouldn’t Mitch.

Marie – Well, Backlash post-show was REALLY bad.

Dre – Bro, everything is that low. RAW still finishes top 3, so what does that tell you? It tells you ratings are down with everything.

Mitch – Backlash was shit so of course ratings were going to be bad!

Marie – Dre, Bro, don’t turn into Russo Bro.

Dre – Bro I can’t help it bro! Lol But seriously, if ratings were crap then why are these networks going after RAW/SD?

Mitch – Vince is a great salesman…duh!

Dre – And because RAW and SD finish in the top 5 every week. RAW finished 1st on Monday Nights a majority of the time. You really think FOX didn’t do their research?

Mitch – Fox just dropped a bunch of high rating shows for two NFL games a week and Last Man Standing…so no I don’t! ? ? ?

Marie – Mitch, LMS was a decently performing show on ABC. They canceled it because it was about to hit the magic number.

Jason – Actually, they canceled it because of Tim Allen’s political stance.

Mitch – Thank you to #SaveLucifer campaign for that bit of knowledge on American TV ?

Dre – What high rated shows? Lucifer? You think that makes more money than football?

Jason – Lately? Yes.

Dre – The NFL is king in the US.

MarieThat was a bit with it @Jason, but there was a clause in the show contract that once it hit season 6, ABC had to pay Fox for every episode that was made.

Mitch – Gotham, Simpsons and Bobs Burgers were renewed. Lucifer outdrew all of them. As did Exorcist!

Jason – Gotham is having the series finale next year

Marie – Gotham was renewed for a final season. It’s literally confirmed canceled after this.

Jason – It was only supposed to be 6 or 7 seasons.

Mitch – I know, but the point still stands really.

Dre – Simpson’s still draws around 4.5-5 million viewers.

Mitch – The last ten episodes this season haven’t drawn more than 2.5 million! Last week’s episode only drew 2.14 million.


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