I think for the first time ever I saw a shirt on WWE and I went and bought it immediately. I rarely wear orange. Now, it looks good on me, but I’m all about the color pink. In fact I just cut out two pink stolas (the proper Roman dress, only hussies and men wore togas), and one green so I can go all watermelon Roman this weekend. All that being said, I ordered the Pancake Power shirt because they actually had it in women’s 2X. I love the WWE and their merch – other than that lazy-ass Ember Moon shirt – but it’s so hard to get a women’s shirt that fits anyone with curves. They brought in the beautiful Nia Jax, but none of the women’s shirts would fit her. I have a serious issue with this, and will continue to complain about this, no matter what my fluctuating weight might be! Basically I’m saying that I love New Day’s newest shirt, and I cannot wait for it to get here. They had a Booty-O’s lunch box marked way down, so I got that too, as well as a Rusev Day shirt for Stacy. When I asked what he might want, he was very specific that he wanted a Rusev Day shirt! I’m proud of him for that.

Pancake Power!


This was one of New Day’s best segments in a long time, and that’s saying something. Further, I love seeing them get one over on Miz. He’s so amazing on mic, and in the ring. I will fully admit that I wasn’t the biggest Miz fan when he beat Cena at WrestleMania for the strap, but these past couple years he’s more than made up for his early, somewhat unwarranted push. In fact, he should win the Royal Rumble Match and go on to challenge (and win) at WrestleMania. I’m all for the long slow burn, and while we just came out of WrestleMania, there are so many things he should be doing on SD. Or, wait, Miz wins the strap at Survivor Series, or something around then, and Bryan wins the Royal Rumble Match (as he should have too many other times, yet didn’t), and they face off at WrestleMania for more than their ten year feud, but for the strap! So much greatness on SD these days, and Miz is at the top of the list, right up there with Bryan, AJ, and Joe.

Naruto Power!


This match was a lot of fun! Both Big E and Miz are great in the ring. I’m excited seeing Big E in a singles match, and hope we see more of this. Big E, if he wasn’t a face, would be great to feud with AJ. I know he can be a top singles competitor, when he’s no longer with New Day. Actually, I see no problem with him being pushed in singles matches while still with New Day. Many members of other factions have worked at the top and been WWE Champion. I don’t see why Big E can’t do it either.



Why did the WWE need someone in the Women’s MITBLM who couldn’t wrestle? Having to choose between Billie Kay and Lana was like choosing between curling my hair with a fork or a spoon. Neither will work, and it will end up a total mess, no matter what I do.

The Iiconics suck horribly, and I don’t see them getting better. On the other hand, I love that English was out with Lana! That worked so well for both of them. It was sweet that it was Lana Day for once, and English was as amazing for Lana as he is for Rusev. I’m so glad McMahon didn’t pull English off Rusev Day as he’d wanted to do. The three of them could be quite adorable together, and it’s great that they’re finally faces.

Zelina Steals The Show


I love that young woman! While I don’t like her being saddled with Almas, she’s done a great job of getting him over. I hope they realize he has no personality and let her work the ring with the rest of the amazing women on SD, because she should be working with them, not struggling with Almas. The grade is for her, not for Almas!

Pillow Fight!


Nakamura has been so great since turning heel and this was the best segment so far. This segment was the best between them so far. The chemistry is growing between these two, but it’s been shockingly not good so far. Honestly, it’s time to blow off this feud so that AJ can move on to work another feud.



It feels like forever ago that the Good Brothers were coming into the WWE and were so hot and ready to impress. Yet that didn’t happen. The ball has been dropped on them so many times that I wonder if they can come back from it. I hope SD is the right spot for them, because the booking on Raw was so wrong. Fingers crossed.



Naomi is a pro in that ring. She could make anyone look that much better in the ring. Other than a few tiny botches, Sonya looked really solid. They need to keep her working with people like Naomi so she can learn how to work the ring. Sonya didn’t just look passable in there, she actually looked good. I think they’d be a great feud. The only issue I had with this match is that we all knew Naomi was winning.



Before I get into the actual match, I have to say how great Joe was on announce. Between him and Woods earlier in the night, announce was actually great. I hope that either, or both, of them moves to the announce desk when it’s time to hang up their boots. We all knew that Woods was crazy great on mic, but announce is very different. Joe is a good talker, but seemed even more comfortable on announce than he normally does on mi.

It’s endearing to see Bryan in the ring. He’s so great at what he does, and I was heartbroken for him when he had to retire. I’m normally a stickler for wrestlers who retire, that they shouldn’t be back in the ring, but this is such a different situation. I cannot think of anyone who isn’t thrilled with Bryan’s return to the ring.

Bryan and Jeff Hardy worked the ring really well together. It’s fun seeing superstars who have worked for other companies and come to the WWE and having all these dream matches. So much great in that ring, and this match was just one tiny part of that greatness.

Final Flush

I want to formally thank everyone for sticking with us through our storyline. We had a lot of fun with it, and who better to write an over-the-top storyline than a pro wrestling website? You watch pro wrestling for some of the crazy (though less so lately) storylines, so why not bring a storyline to WR? Further, Marie needed to make as splash upon her return – even though she’s been with us since we first opened the site. She gives so much input that we would be lost without her!

Queen KB