Another Former WWE Star Headed To New Japan?

Another top wrestling star could be on his way to New Japan Pro Wrestling in the near future.

Uncle Dave Meltzer is reporting that John Hennigan (formerly John Morrison in WWE and Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground) has inquired about working for NJPW.

NJPW had interest in him in the past but he was working for AAA at the time, and NJPW doesn’t work with AAA talent because of decades-long business with CMLL.

Hennigan is in high demand because he will also be one of the people featured on the upcoming season of “Survivor”.

Sir Mitch: Hennigan has probably had the best two years of his career working in Mexico for Triple A. And with all the momentum NJPW has right now it only makes sense for him to try his luck in Japan while he’s still a hot free agent!