Big Cass Really Injured?

Despite previous reports claiming he was just selling the attack by Daniel Bryan, it looks like Big Cass might be legitimately injured. Various reports that he is backstage at Smackdown Live and he’s been walking with a noticeable limp.

Cass was originally scheduled to face Samoa Joe on this past week’s Smackdown, but he was pulled on Monday, and the match was changed to Jeff Hardy vs. Daniel Bryan with the winner (Daniel Bryan) would face Samoa Joe for a spot in the Money In The Bank Ladder match.

Unless Cass is trying to work the wrestlers backstage, it looks like he has a legitimate issue with his knee. He did work on shows during the European tour, so that’s a sign that it’s not too serious.

Sir Mitch Says: If Cass really is injured he has the worst luck when it comes to getting injured when he’s just beginning to be pushed. Although personally, I don’t think either his first push late last year or this current one would have worked out in the long run!