Main Roster Stars Working NXT Live Shows

We all know that from time to time, there are main roster workers who the company doesn’t really have much for.  When that happens, they generally become inactive.  WWE has now decided to use them in a new capacity:  as special additions to NXT house shows.  The reason for this is simple.  It gives those on the payroll something to do and, for the fans, it gives them an added bonus attraction.  Tyler Breeze, The Revival, and Tye Dillinger have all been used and others likely will be too as time passes.

Botch Take:  That makes sense.  If WWE is paying them, they have every right to use them as they see fit.  Sadly, Tye Dillinger has been used for almost nothing since his main roster debut as have The Revival.  Tyler Breeze may just be having a slightly down moment from which he’ll recover.  Either way, these are fun bonuses for the fans.