Vince Russo is NOT “All In” had a sit-down interview with Cody Rhodes which you can watch here:

Among the subjects discussed was Vince Russo.  It’s relatively well-known that Vince Russo has wanted to be “All In” but, based on Cody Rhodes’ words in this video, that will never happen.  He has the following to say:

“I don’t mean to take his accolades away or any of that. His name got caught up in a lot of modern issues he had with homophobia and things of that nature. That’s not getting heat. That’s being an idiot. That’s being naive. That’s being ignorant. The wrestling world is being open to everybody.”

It gets better.  He also says he won’t have anything to do with Russo’s podcast either:

“We don’t wanna turn off a whole community. I couldn’t see myself doing that. Also, The Bucks didn’t know he was announced. I handled that. So no, I’m not doing his podcast. I mean no disrespect but that’s kind of the end of it. He could tweet at me every day for the next ten years and we’re done. I don’t give my money to you if you don’t deserve it. I don’t think he deserves anybody’s money.”


Botch Take:  Ouch!  Can’t say I blame Cody for that one.  Everyone has an opinion on him and I do too but to be pointed, he’s done nothing of value wrestling-wise in…um…ages.  That says all that needs to be said, really.