Enzo’s Accuser Speaks Out About His Track

Philomena Sheahan was interviewed about Eric Arndt‘s, otherwise known as Enzo Amore, new diss track (which she finds laughable), how she supposedly cost him his job in the WWE (not her fault, all his for not telling the WWE about the accusations), and her own mental health going forward after the charges against Arndt were dropped.

She stated that she’s very upset that the charges were dropped, and doesn’t like that she and her family members are getting verbally attacked often for her accusations.

We are not posting the interview here, but it is easily available online for those who are interested in seeing what she had to say, word for word.


QD – I’ve been put out by this whole thing from the start.  I cannot claim to know what happened that night, but from the words she has put out there herself, she went into that night planning on having some sort of sexual activity with Arndt, but then had a change of heart after it happened.  #MeToo has been a great thing for so many women in this world, but it’s also allowed women who are not always on the up-and-up to make unfounded accusations.  I’m not saying that Sheahan’s accusations are not real – I cannot say that – but what she has said doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, personally.