Smackdown Live! (5/29/18)

If you’re lost, can you look and find The New Day…Time After Time?

Please, please tell me now, Is There Something Naomi Should Know?

Does AJ Styles Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?

Is Becky Lynch the Lady that Brings Me Up when I’m down?

Does Byron Saxton realize that That’s Just the Way it is and that some things will never change?

None of these questions will be answered during tonight’s episode of “Smackdown Live!”



SD Results

Joe in the ring with the case, cutting on Bryan, turning heel in the process.  Bry out in Joe’s face.  Cass limps out, then proves he’s not injured by beating down Bry and Joe with weapons.

Naka counts to ten backstage, getting ready for MITB, and his SD match against Tye later in the show.

Backstage Paige talks up Mandy Rose and Sonya.  Renee asks Paige about the main event.  The main event will be Triple Threat.

Naka defeats Tye

Backstage AJ talks himself up going into MITB.

Lana gets ready for her dance-off, hanging with Rusev and English.

Lana and Naomi have a Dance Off that devolved to Lana attacking Naomi, then the Usos get into it with Rusev and English.

Backstage New Day gets a hotcakes delivery.  In the heel locker room, a blindfolded Miz is swatting away hotcakes thrown by The Bar.

New Day defeats Miz & The Bar

Good Bros backstage with Renee talking Bludgeon Bros.  The BBs showed up on the TV next to them and gave a promo back.

Carmella on announce.  Sonya attacks Asuka on her way to the ring.  Asuka defeats Mandy

Backstage Charlotte and Becky don’t agree who will win MITB.  Paige in to mock them a bit.

Joe defeats Bry & Cass by submitting Bry who doesn’t tap and qualifies for MITBLM.  After the match ass with a big boot to Bry for even more heat.


QD – Hope you enjoyed our coverage of SD!