New Details on WWE TV Deal

The WWE manages to work some serious money deals.  As of right now, their deal with NBC Universal, with the shows on USA Network, is approximately $130 million a year for Raw and Smackdown Live.  Not a bad chunk of change.  The new deal with NBC is looking like it might be $245 million a year for just Raw.  Think about it, that’s $2.65 billion dollars for Raw alone!

It looked as though NBC Universal was going to pay $360 million a year for both shows but then decided to opt out of SDLive for some reason.  That’s where FOX comes in.  FOX chairman Peter Rice had made it known if anything fell through to get in touch, which is exactly what happened the day after SDLive went on the market.  Rupert Murdoch had a huge hand in sealing this billion dollar deal.


QD – I’m kind of in awe that these companies are spending so much money for shows that are not up to par.  Yes, they bring in money, and the ratings are solid, but nothing compared to what they were, or what they could be.  There is so much more the WWE could be doing for the superstars and the fans.  They have the best roster they’ve had in over a decade, yet the man with the final say in the final product that goes on the air is so out of touch that he’s driving away the fans in droves.  It’s all very confusing to me.