You Would Look Good with a Lucha Mask

Vignette – Buddy Murphy & Cedric Alexander

He shows real fire in his promos but he makes zero sense.  “Haven’t gone through the things that I’ve gone through”?  Are they serious?  It’s not his fault; it’s just bad scripting.

Cedric is a mess on the mic.  I give up.  His promos are nowhere and I don’t believe him.  The content of what they had him say made far more sense (he really did cut quite a bit of weight for this; just look at his work in CWF for proof of a…ahem…heavier Cedric) than Buddy but he was significantly less believable…you know…like always.  Next.


The Brian Kendrick & Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Kalisto & Lince Dorado (w/ Gran Metalik) [Drew Gulak on commentary]

For the thousandth time, we get this match.  They are all great in the ring, of course, but they can only tell so many stories in this configuration.  The best part of this was Gulak on commentary.  He heels so well.  The pamphlet was a riot.  “Lince Dorito”.  I’m a simple man, I know.

The match really was good.  The back and forth was nice and Kendrick took it with the Captain’s Hook after Drew’s interference.


Cinéma de iPhone – Mustafa Ali

Cheerleading for Cedric.  Nice fire and I believed him.


Cinéma de iPhone – Tony Nese

Cheerleading for Buddy.  Completely boring and I didn’t believe him.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick

He’s the best thing to happen to a “205 Live” mic.  He’s really good at hyping the product.  Nicely done.


Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy

It’s so frustrating.  Cedric has the ring work and the ring psychology down COLD.  He’s quite easily, IMHO, the best worker in the world right now.  The only thing he doesn’t have is mic.  The near-dive into a backward flip he does is a thing of beauty and I never get sick of seeing it.  It’s his tremendous genius in the ring that’s keeping him afloat here.  He also sold Buddy’s attack on Cedric’s back extremely well.  Cedric never forgot about it either.

Buddy is no slouch either by any means.  He can be crispy like Cedric can but he can also be completely vicious.  His attack on Cedric’s back was impactful and insidious – just like it should be.

The story they told here had great ebb and flow and they have excellent chemistry together. Cedric had a nice amount of fan support too (relatively speaking).  By the end of the match, everyone was counting 1-2-3 with the ref.  Cedric’s flat-liner onto the ring apron from Cedric was sudden and slowed things down nicely while both tried to regain enough energy to get into the ring.  Both got in at 9 ½.  A real nail-biting moment for sure.  The near-falls weren’t showy and they made complete sense.

Both of these guys gave it all and it showed brilliantly.  Can’t ask for much more from a match, really.


As usual, “205 Live” has little idea of how to start a show but they know how to end one.  That last match is essential viewing.  Matches like that are we keep me coming back each week.  I just know I’ll get one great one like that every time.  Join me again next week for another “Pickup”!