Saudi Arabian Prince Threatened Over The Greatest Royal Rumble

A Yemen branch of Al Qaeda, the one battling Saudi Arabian forces in a civil war on the Arabian Peninsula, has warned the Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman that the WWE show he allowed to happen in his country was sinful.  They condemned him for “opening the door wide for corruption and moral degradation” for allowing the WWE to have their show, and for allowing movie cinemas in the country.  They further condemned the WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble, stating, “disbelieving wrestlers exposed their privates and on most of them was the sign of the cross, in front of a mixed gathering of young Muslim men and women.”


QD – I had been wondering what would happen with everything the Saudi Prince has been doing recently.  Having grown up in a free country, this is so foreign to me.  When Ariya Daivari received death threats, and the Saudi Arabian General Sports Authority had to apologize for the video ad that showed female wrestlers, I was wondering how much uglier it was going to get.  This isn’t that big of a surprise to me, but it still hurts my heart to see this happening anywhere in this world.