WWE Executive Fired Over Wife’s Tweets

The internet in general, social media in particular, has given people a voice, a way to reach a larger audience than standing on your roof and yelling about how great your waffles were for breakfast.  Sometimes that voice is divisive and can cause problems at work or personal lives.  That is fine if the person Tweeting is also the person dealing with the consequences, but this isn’t what happened to Sal Siino was the Senior Vice President, Global Content Distribution & Business Development for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Siino’s wife, Amy Mekelburg, has posted about twenty-five times a day to her over 200,000 followers.  Her followers include Sean Hannity,  Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Rosanne Bar, and has endorsements from Michael Flynn and Donald Trump.  Mekelburg’s posts include hateful rhetoric directed at Muslims, propaganda about child rape, genital mutilations, and executions.

The Huffington Post has been investigating this, and when they approached the WWE about the Twitter account of one of their Senior VP’s wife, and the company spokesperson stated, “Now that it has come to our attention, Sal Siino is no longer an employee.”

Ms. Mekelburg denied commenting with Huntington Post but has stated on Twitter that they had put herself and her family lives’ in danger.



QD – I try so hard to keep my personal politics out of WR, but when someone is attacking other people and advocating hate against others, I have an issue.  On the other hand, I truly feel bad for Siino losing his job for something his wife has done.  Now, I have no clue what his political views are, and I cannot say what happened behind closed doors in the WWE, but I have to go back to McMahon’s relationship with Trump and have to wonder what McMahon really feels when not toeing the company line.