Legendary Referee Is All In!

All In is going to be a huge destination event, and it turns out the referees for the show are just as all-star as the card itself.

Cody Rhodes recently updated fans on another exciting announcement when he revealed the referees for the show. Legendary WWE referee Earl Hebner is among those confirmed to officiate the show and who knows how his reputation might be used during this event?

Earl Hebner was a WWE loyalist to the core even officiating the 1997 Montreal Screwjob. But Hebner hasn’t been seen in WWE since he and his brother were released in 2005 for selling non-official WWE merchandise. People who have spoken about the Hebner’s WWE firing say it was back to work as usual backstage straight away, but it was still a huge loss to have Hebner gone. After that, Earl Hebner worked for TNA and was later inducted into their Hall Of Fame in 2015.

Hebner, ROH head referee Tod Sinclair, Paul Turner, Rick Knox and even ECW legend and former ROH World Champion Jerry Lynn will all be donning the strips for All In on September 1st!

Sir Mitch Says: Even with his part of the Montreal Screwjob and the events that lead to his release from WWE in 2005, Earl Hebner is still the most recognized and most respected referee in Pro Wrestling history. So it’s only fitting that he would be “All In.”