NXT Talent Released

Sadly, our first identical twin tag-team has been broken up in NXT.  Uriel Ealy, who’s been seen with his brother Gabriel a few times on NXT television several times over the last three years, has been released.  His release is possibly due to a head injury as he’s been suffering with “24 hour migraines” as described by his brother, Gabriel.  They were last seen in March at an NXT live event losing to Cezar Bononi and Adrian Jaode.


Botch Take:  I hate to see anyone’s WWE career come to an end this way as they never really got their shot.  Repetitive migraines definitely point the way to serious injury so I’m hopeful that he’s under a doctor’s care and that he’ll be okay long-term.  I’m also not sure what shot Gabriel now has at being successful.  The “identical twin tag team” thing was the calling card and now, that’s gone.