CM Punk, Colt Cabana Win Lawsuit Against Dr. Chris Amann

Over the course of the last week, the lawsuit involving CM Punk and Colt Cabana has been unfolding in the courts, and today saw the resolution. Punk and Cabana were found to be not culpable and therefore “wins” the lawsuit brought against him by Dr. Chris Amann, who is WWE’s chief physician. The lawsuit was brought about in response to Punk appearing on Cabana’s podcast and bringing to light what caused him to leave the company, with the medical care he was receiving being a chief complaint throughout it. The bulk of the argument was over whether or not Punk had a MRSA infected cyst on his buttocks, and about the perceived libel, slander, and defamation that Amann alleged he incurred by Punk’s commentary, even though the doctor was named only twice in the show. Amann was seeking over $4 Million dollars in damages, however, the jury found that his business and personal reputation were not monetarily damaged due to the podcast and that he could not prove that the chants and tweets by others were directly harmful to him.


Marie’s Musings: If there is one thing this lawsuit has shown, it’s how Dr. Amann and the WWE staff are incredibly negligent of the workers and their well being. With the fact that HIPPA laws were clearly violated and Dr. Amann admitting to such under oath as well as the fact that Stars can get antibiotics just by asking and it not go into medical records, it makes one wonder what else gets doled out without an easy way to track it. It also makes one question just how well these stars are doing if this is the modus operandi of the health care team. One thing is for sure though: if this was ANY other physician, their license would be pulled.