Mexican Promotion Triple A Is Planning To Run A Show In Madison Square Garden

We can now confirm that Mexico’s Triple-A promotion has a date on hold for Madison Square Garden.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was the first to report over the weekend that a non-WWE promotion has a hold for later this year, but there is some skepticism that the show will actually take place because of various reasons. The main reason is the costs involved to run a show in that venue. It’s the same reason why WWE doesn’t run there as much, and for WWE to make a profit at MSG, they usually need to load up those shows with top names like Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey. The July 7th house show at MSG will feature Rousey and The Undertaker, for example.

The arena fees MSG charges have basically caused WWE to run most of their NYC events at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn so that essentially means that WWE no longer has a lock on MSG like they did in years prior. For eons, there were promotions that tried to run in MSG, but WWE always had the first right of refusal. WCW tried to run a show there for years but were shut out because WWE was first priority since they ran shows there regularly.

Times have changed and there’s nothing WWE can do if Triple-A or any other wrestling promotion wants to run a show at MSG. Also, there has been talk of the All In 2 show being held at MSG. At the end of the ROH TV tapings last Saturday night, The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes outright said that the venue was being considered.

If the show does happen, AAA wants to include talent from Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. Needless to say, this would be huge for everyone involved.

Sir Mitch Says: I always knew that NJPW’s successful expansion in North America would inspire the two main Mexican promotions (Triple-A and CMLL) to try their luck in the U.S. But I never thought one of them would try to book MSG!  

Hell, I would never even had thought that one of them would run a show anywhere outside of California where Lucha Libre is already quite popular!