WWE Raw TV Ratings Up This Week, But Not By Much!

WWE hasn’t had the best run in the TV rating department the last few weeks with the post-Wrestlemania lull setting in early this year and a lot of competition with the NBA and NHL. This week, people behind the scenes were probably hoping that lack of competition this week and the build to Money in the Bank picking up would result in higher ratings for Raw…and it has…but not by much.

This weeks episode added thirty thousand more viewers than last week which drew 2.49 million people.

Here is an hour by hour breakdown:

Hour one: 2.59 million
Hour two: 2.59 million
Hour three: 2.39 million

Average: 2.52 million

Sir Mitch Says: It is WAY too early to speculate that WWE’s current rating slide will somehow affect their TV deal negotiations, but I can’t imagine Vince and Co. would want NBCU or Fox to see these numbers!