Daniel Bryan Still Hasn’t Signed A New WWE Deal!

For those of you that have asked about Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract, his deal expires on September 1st and ass of this week, he has yet to sign a new deal.

A few weeks ago, Bryan was a guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast and said that he is not sure if he would be legally able to appear at the All In show in Chicago. He joked that they could have someone appear on the show in a mask and then he could unmask himself at midnight.

It’s unclear what Bryan will do after September 1st, and he has several options. Companies like New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring Of Honor want to sign him, and he had expressed a desire to work for CMLL in Mexico before he was cleared to compete in WWE.

Sir Mitch Says: As cool as it would be to see Bryan at All In…I think he is merely holding out for more money. And why wouldn’t he? He’s a HUGE star that other promotions would happily break the bank for and he knows it!