Reveal Your Member!

I have to admit that for the first time in a very long time, I was jealous of Botch. Now, we all know I adore Botch. If we didn’t have such a good friendship I wouldn’t have been able to pull off the Royal Inquisition when we worked everyone. That being said, I really wish I was the one to write about Raw this week. There were a couple segments that were so great that I really wanted to write about them. That being said, I watched Goldust put a wig on Goldberg, circa 2003, this morning, and I got over my jealousy. See, I didn’t get to write about that moment either, because I was simply writing results at that point in my career.


Carmella did quite well here. I’m liking her mic work since she won the strap. It all seems to have come together for her, and she’s doing really well with it. She really trashed Asuka and sold the losses Asuka has dealt with recently. I’d like to think that this was the plan all along for Asuka, but we know they have been very short-sighted in recent years, so I doubt it.

I really liked Mandy Rose and Sonya on mic here. They’re both growing by leaps and bounds. Fingers crossed that they pull it all together and figure it all out.

Paige was solid here. I love how she came out and didn’t take and craps about what people wanted.

Nobody’s Ready For Asuka

I was worried about Asuka after the streak, it felt like she had no direction. It felt like she was lost, couldn’t get a win when a win was what she needed. Carmella took Asuka down to her base in the opening segment and lit a fire under her bum. From that fire Asuka not only took on Mandy Rose and Sonya and beat them both in a really solid match.


Naruto Pancakes!

I’m loving these segments between New Day and Miz. He’s the perfect fodder for their silliness. Now, I’ll fully admit that my internet went blort here, right after Miz put his hand in the pancake batter, but I got the vibe of it all, and loved it!

Which B Team?

Harper looked great in the ring here, but Stacy pointed out something really interesting about the Bludgeon Bros. Rowan has a B on his ring gear. Stacy thinks that the B Team needs to go off on them, Twitter would be the best place, about the B on their ring gear, and have the Bludgeon Bros completely ignore them over it.

I get why they had Anderson go over here, especially the way he did, but it wasn’t believable. I was unable to suspend my disbelief for that one.

Uso What?

I’m loving Naomi with her husband. It’s the perfect thing to do, working against Lana and Rusev. It makes sense, and is working great for all involved.


Usos Day!

Naomi was really lucky that English was there to catch her when she dove out of the ring. I’m disliking those dives more and more. On the other hand, Lana looked a bit better in the ring here. I know much of it was Naomi’s work, but Lana sold well and emoted wonderfully. I’m kinda loving her working with English because they’re both so vocal and emotive in the ring.

Naomi really stole the match with that last bit of flying off the corner. The women were the stars of this match, by leaps and bounds! Wrestling skills and quite entertaining. That was a really solid match!

Backstage Contract Signing?

Interesting way to do this. I wonder how many takes it took. Nakamura was so amazing here. Paige was to the point

I also have to mention Malenko. I’m a huge Deano fan, and whenever we get to see him, I’m thrilled. That being said, I don’t like the fact that I was so close, right out of the shot, ready to grab AJ. We all know it’s scripted, but that type of scripting has never worked for me. It’s too obvious.


Best Of The Besties

I love the colors of Becky’s ring gear, and the halter top of it is great on her, but for some reason I don’t like that one-piece on her. I don’t know why so many of the women have moved to a single piece ring gear. Lana knows how to work her angles, but she’s very square from hips to pits, so the singlet-style ring gear looks right on her. Carmella isn’t very tall, but the high cut hips on her singlet makes her look longer. So those two make sense, but Becky’s not had very good ring gear since being called up. Boy shorts and a top or these singlets, but none of these looks work on her.

Now that I got that out of my system I can move on to how well these two worked together, as besties do. They worked hard out there and the crowd was dead! Those two women were great, and really gave us something refreshingly different. This match reminded me of my all-time favorite match. Now, I know I’m going to catch shit for comparing these two matches, even though Charlotte and Becky gave us only a small sliver of the emotion of my favorite match, they did something that can only be done by two who are very close, which is why I have to write it. Please, take it with a huge canister of salt…Benoit vs Bret Hart, Hart’s first match back after Owen died. As I said, nothing near the emotion, but will really heartfelt and honest the way few are in the ring these days.


Joe’s Gonna Kill You!

Joe is gold on mic. He’s not like anyone else in the industry, doesn’t talk like anyone else in the industry, never has, which is why I’ve been a fan for so long.


Cass, Shut UP!

Cass keeps trying, but these long mic segments are not good for him. No, they downright suck!


Almas, Almost

Okay, so Almas has a feud. Interesting concept, but I worry about him only getting over because of Zelina. Further, I worry that she’s getting Almas over when she should be focusing on her own wrestling career.


What A Main Event!

This is what a main event should be! So much greatness in that ring. I mean Miz, who is still very underrated and one of the best workers in the company. Joe who is amazing and has been for as long as I remember. Rusev who is finally getting some recognition, and living up to every great thing that’s been said about him. As much as Mitch hates New Day, all three of those wrestlers are top superstars. Honestly, it’s hard to say who has more of an upside, Big E or Woods. Yes, Big E has the size advantage, but that’s the only advantage he has over Woods. Heck, Rey Rey was WWE WHC, so why can’t Woods? Balor was Universal Champion (even for such a short time), so why can’t Woods? He has one of the best personalities since Jericho, Rocky, Cena, SCSA, so why not push him to the top? I hate to say that Kofi will never get there, but Orton really took care of that after their MSG match. Cena backed up Orton on that one and Kofi never had a chance at the top slot, but the other two absolutely do. Further, I’m not one of those who thinks that Big E cannot be WWE Champion while still part of New Day! Trip was part of DX and part of Evo when he held the top honors, so why not Big E?

Why not Big E? Because Joe is longer in the tooth. So time for Joe to be at the top of the heap. Joe vs AJ has always been great, and will always be great. Okay, so Nakamura wins at MITB, he would be epic in the right with Joe. Orton Nakamura would be epic in the ring with Miz, someone who won the big one too early but has more than earned another HUGE run as the top guy.

Okay, I’m getting off the rails here, but it’s so easy with so much greatness in the ring, but that’s also why I went off the rails. We all know how great all six of these guys are, so seeing them in the ring together was that much greater.

Final Flush
Sorry, this was later than I wanted, but between four of us in the house, we had eight medical appts in four days this week. Add in that I was cutting out as much medieval clothing as I possibly could so that I could send them off to Canada with a friend who is helping me sew. It’s been an insane week, but you guys are what matter to me, and I apologize for letting my life get in the way of WR. I will work harder for you.